My First Black Gucci !!

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  1. Just wanted to share with you guys this great Gucci tote called Jolie.

    I love it and loved it's price tag too!

    I dont have individual shots of it, but I got it yesterday and used it for a

    casual legging and sweater dress look and today for a chic pencil skirt

    look. So it's a bag that can work any look for me.

    Its the large size, with black patent handles and 3 black charms hanging,

    it has one inside zipped pocket and one cell phone pocket, and it's an

    open top bag. So here are two action shots!

    Attached Files:

  2. Nice, looks lovely on ya!
  3. Congrats, thanks for the action shots!
  4. Wow! Cute bag! Do you mind me asking the price?
  5. MamaGG, nay.nay01, and Dolly6637 thank you for stopping by!

    Dolly6637, I got it for $560.
  6. congrats!I want it but the brown GG one

    it looks great
  7. you have great fashion sense... it's very cute!
  8. xoxogg, I didnt know it comes in brown , that would be gorgeous too! Thanx!

    SoxFan777, thanx for stopping by! Loving your signature,haha!
  9. I love totes! Great bag.
  10. Cute..It's very versatile
  11. very cute tote...and such a great price too.
  12. look great on u !!!!!!!!!!!
  13. flipchickmc, luxurina, mzleah , imrainbow ..
    thanx for stopping by and for your sweet comments!
  14. congratss..i like it!!
  15. Oh what a great any-time bag! I love how the charms spice it up a bit ;) Congrats!!