My first black city! Yiiippppeee!

  1. Just wanted to share...can't wait to expand my collection! :yahoo:


    bbag 2.JPG

    bbag 3.JPG

    I'll try to post more pics later, but these are what I've taken so far...tPF is so much fun!
  2. Congrats!!!! Is that silver hardware?
  3. congrats :flowers: it's beauituful!!! i can't wait to get my first city in rouge vif tooo :yes:
  4. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!
  5. looks great! congratulations, i just commented on the "what's in your b-bag" thread for your bag...:smile:
  6. Beautiful bag! Wish I had a black city.
  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments. I've definitely been putting it into use since I got and the more I use it more I LOVE IT!

    I'm debating on using lubriderm or AG on it as it looks kinda shiny and I prefer more of a matte look...we'll see.

    Varsha, I wish it were silver! This ones an 06 f/w.
  8. Great first choice! A black City was my first Bbag too!
    I also like your accessories inside - great taste... you're also a pink Razr girl as well :smile:
  9. CONGRATS! it looks fabulous! i wouldnt AG or lubriderm it, it will become more matte with time, I would only apple lotion/lubriderm the bag if it feels like it is dry and on the verge of cracking, or if the texture/appearance is too veiny for your tastes. But really you only need to AG bags that might show stains or darkening over time, not a problem with black!
  10. Congrats! :yahoo:How's the leather in this one? :nuts: Is it thick?
  11. :yahoo: 0o0o YEAH got the BLACK CITY :yahoo: congrats!!!
  12. Congrats! The leather looks gorgeous -- where did you get the bag?
  13. Holy crap...the leather on that bag is amazing.....

    congrats on your new bag...
  14. Congrats, you got a GOOD one! Enjoy her!
  15. WOW. That is the best black I've seen from this season (or last season for that matter)!!! You are one lucky girl!