My first Birkin story [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]

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  1. Dear TPF members,

    It happened...out of the blue! I got offered my first Birkin.

    After diving into Chanel a couple of years ago, the next step was Hermes. As I learned more about the craftsmanship that is Hermes, I decided to purchase a vintage Kelly. I found an amazing deal for a gold Kelly and that's how it all started. Then, Hermes opened the DC store right in front of my was a sign from the heavens! [emoji847] I started going in once in while to browse gorgeous silks and shoes and that's how I met my lovely SA. I found my signature scent at Hermes, some lovely twillies for my vintage Kelly, and then the perfect black flats.

    One day, my SA asked me what my dream bag would be. I immediately answered: a Birkin 30, rouge Casaque! That would be perfection [emoji7]

    A few months went by, life got busy, and I was traveling quite a bit, so didn't think about my dream bag, much less go into the store.

    Then...out of the blue...I get THE call! I was across the country for work, but my lovely SA said she would hold the Birkin for me until I got back. How amazing is she!?!
    The dilemma then began...I thought my dream RC would be with PHW, but the bag that was waiting for me had GHW. Naturally, I came to this amazing forum for thoughts and opinions, and I am so glad I did! To all my dear TPF members who responded to my prior thread....THANK YOU!

    So my story continues...I got on the red-eye, got to DC, went to work almost straight from the airport and then headed to Hermes. There she was love at first sight. I knew I had to have it. I called my DH and sent him a pic. His response: "oh it's red like the one you really want." [emoji7] How cute.

    I rushed home like a kid on Christmas eve....ready to open the most amazing present!

  2. Nothing like opening up something so special


    Even my gorgeous kitty Sofi got in the action

  3. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your new baby. RC is especially gorgeous with GHW, they compliment each other so well
  4. Without further ado...may I present to you my B30 RC in Epsom with GHW ❤️❤️❤️

  5. And one more since I did my nails red since I was so excited about this beauty [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
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  6. Thanks so much, bagittude! I couldn't agree more! RC is just perfection in my humble opinion and the GHW makes I so classy and elegant. Feeling so lucky to have gotten this beauty [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  7. Wow congrats!! It's a bag to love for many many years!
  8. Don't you love it when your nails and birkin match! I think what colour and hardware i want for my next b now, praying for the H fairy to bless me like she blessed you!
  9. Congrats!!!!!! This is exactly my dream bag also-hope one day I can get it[emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  10. Gorgeous....gorgeous.....gorgeous!
  11. Congratulations! 30 is a great size! Enjoy. :tup:
  12. Stunning! Congrats :loveeyes:
  13. What a perfect red - so stunning! Definitely worth the wait - congrats!
  14. Beautiful! Congrats on getting this beauty ❤️
  15. Congrats!!! A beautiful and striking B (and I must say, I'm loving those shoes too)!!! :heart:
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