My first Birkin... Rouge H Chamonix

  1. Here she is... FINALLY! :yahoo:


    After months of waiting, I got my Birkin 35 2 days ago. I would call the Fendi forum my 'home base' at the PF, but it's about time that I really venture out. I've posted here a couple of times and the ladies here are really nice. :yes:

    (Before I continue if I make any mistakes it's cos I am a total H-n00b, so feel free to point it out if I make a mistake! :push:smile:

    So this is my Birkin, size 35, in colour Rouge H, Palladium hardware, Chamonix leather. I was researching in the reference library and from what I could tell the Chamonix leather is the least durable? I think it is awesome though. It just looks SO SILKY... :love: I absolutely love it, and the full leather lining... this bag is my favourite bag ever! :nuts: And that means a lot cos I absolutely love the spy bag and nothing has ever taken my attention away from it!

    I should have taken some modelling pics, but forgot my camera when I was out the other night. It was so romantic. Was by the Yarra River in Melbourne, Birkin in hand... it was just magical! :girlsigh: I totally understand why you can't just have 1 Birkin. They just done exist on their own...

    I'm only 23 but I must say this is such a classy bag, and I would carry it any day every day without hesitation! Haha... something tells me I will be very broke in the future! Just got the keys to my 1st home yesterday and I am already tempted to have a special section in my wardrobe that is high enough for my Birkin to be stored and displayed!! :wlae:
    IMG_4319.JPG IMG_4317.JPG IMG_4318.JPG IMG_4321.JPG
  2. BEAUTIFUL, KAV!!!!! Rouge H is a glorious color on Box or Chamonix (well, on everything actually!) I think this was an excellent choice for your first venture out into the world of Hermes! And WELCOME!!!!
  3. OMG this is just so beautiful!! I love chamonix and rouge H. Stunning photos. Congrats! I want to reach out to the photos and touch them. If only I had gotten my first Birkin at 23...!
  4. OMG! That is gorgeous! IT is one of my most favorite combinations! Congratulations and enjoy!!!!!
  5. That's a TDF Birkin! I don't think Chamonix as the least durable leather although it is more prone to scratches unlike grain textured leather. It will get a very nice patina after use.

    Out of curiousity & if you don't mind me asking, did you purchase this bag from H store? I'm actually wanting to get one myself. It's one of my grail bags!
  6. It's Gorgeous! Was this an Hermes Boutique Special Order, or did you get it from a reseller? In any event, it is Beautiful!!!. By the way, you deserve special congrats on buying your first home at 23!!!:woohoo: That is a HUGE accomplishment! Sounds like you won't have to worry about being broke in the future! You deserve the splurge. You made a great choice. I wish I had been that focused when I was 23. I was still partying and trying to "find out who I was" :rochard:. If I had only listened to my parents. Wait, did I just say that outloud? Ha!
  7. That is one gorgeous Birkin!! I love the green plants over there in Australia!!
  8. All my friends know I hate red, but I need to try new things some time don't I? It's not that I look bad in red, just not a preference. Besides it's Hermes, they have nice red tones... Love the Rouge H... :heart: I actually think it looks good on me, what an 'up-myself' thing to say! :graucho:

    Here are more pics of the bag in the sun. I love the leather and the colour, so stunning! Sorry for the swooning... You have to forgive me ladies, I am smitten! :girlsigh: And a complete H-n00b as I said before. I am sure you have all seen this Birkin before... :p
    IMG_4320.JPG IMG_4321.JPG IMG_4322.JPG
  9. Spectacular!!! Gorgeous the leather choice!!!
  10. This is probably the most accurate photo of the colour...


    It isn't as bright red in normal light. Reminds me of my blueberry spy which has purple undertones and looks stunning in the light. Hope you all enjoy the pics! :smile:
  11. OMG!!! Beautiful, just beautiful. Love the rouge, one of my fav H colors. What a stunning first H bag, congrats.
  12. Lovely! Congratulations, and welcome to the Orange side. Prepare to submit to the seduction!
  13. Beautiful...absolutely beautiful!
  14. Thanks everyone for your sweet words! You sure do reply quick here! ;)

    pursenality and Drew'sgirl this was actually a gift from my mum. It was purchased at an H store, as for whether it was a special order no idea. When it was purchased, I am not sure. But I have been waiting at least 5-6 months for it. Didn't want to have it posted cos she was overseas and customs into Australia and insurance would have cost me some 4 digit number. Drew'sgirl I'm actually really blessed to have great parents. The bag and the home wouldn't have happened without them. In the future I will do the same for my kids and help them out. I love my parents to bits... even without all the material things. :heart:
  15. I never knew about the patina... But that's a good thing! I reckon it makes the bag look so much better. I have a lot to learn here! :graucho: