My first Birkin is here (and I didn't have to wait!).


Feb 3, 2008
After my black Bolide and Kelly I decided I really wanted a more colorful bag, possibly a blue jean Birkin. I didn't want to wait so instead of going to Hermes I started browsing Ebay for possible candidates (thank you to all of you who patiently authenticated them for me), but I found them either overpriced or in not so pristine conditions. So today I went to Hermes to buy a couple of cashmere scarfs and I decided to ask my SA what I had to do in order to get a blue jean Birkin, and I couldn't believe it when he told me that a customer had just changed her mind on a blue jean Birkin and therefore he had one available right there. I still can't believe it, bur here it is, at home with me. I'm so unbelievably happy!!!! I just HAD to share.


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