My First Birkin... I'm in love

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  1. OMG!!

    I received my first Birkin today and it is absolutely stunning!!

    It is the JPG BJ Taurillion Clemence with PH. I attached the gold shooting star cadena that i scored for a song in Japan recently.

    Do you like?? I can't wait to use her tomorrow...

  2. Model it for us!!!! That is one fab bag. I saw one "just like that" not to long ago.

  3. haha!

    I'll model tomorrow as i'm in house wear now...

    I can't stop playing with her though...
  4. OOOOHHHHH..........CONGRATS KAS!!! She is stunningly beautiful!!
  5. congrats on the first birkin...and best of all, it's blue jean!!! yeah!
  6. kasumi168, wow!!

    :woohoo: CONGRATULATIONS :woohoo:
  7. Congratulations! So.... you were the one who won the shooting star cadena - double congratulations then!!!
  8. Congratulations!!! Enjoy your BJ beauty!! :love:
  9. Wah??

    I didn't get my cadena off ebay.. i found it at a reseller store in Japan 2 weeks ago heheh
  10. Many thanks for the congrats girls.. and thank you again to that special someone that enabled me to get this beauty :love:
  11. Wow!This is another one of I have to have Bags! Congratulations!!:yahoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  12. Congrats! Very happy that you finally got what you wanted!:smile:
  13. Congrats, love the shooting star also!!:tup:
  14. How beautiful! Congratualations!
  15. Congrats... she's lovely. I love blue jeans.

    Did you get her from the reseller in Japan as well? I have not seen a JPG birkin at the hermes stores for a while now