my first BIRKIN and KELLY!!

  1. Wanted to get the pics out ASAP so I'm wearing the same outfit to take the pics in. :p Bebe top and shoes with seven jeans.
    b1.jpg bcloseup.jpg k1.jpg k2.jpg closeupk.jpg
  2. I was waiting for those !!!! you look AWESOME !!! and your bags YUMMMMMIEIE :smile:

  3. Glad to see your new babies have arrived! The Turquoise Chevre is beautiful as is your new Croc! Congratulations!
  4. AND i love em!
  5. gorgeous!!!!!!
  6. STUNNING . . . THUD!
  7. sooo fabulous!:drool::drool::drool:

    I am sooo jealous! Hit 3 in 1...kelly, birkin and croc!:nuts:
  8. Absolutely stunning. Both are just amazing!!
  9. Forgot to add....

    The first one is a 30 cm turquoise chevre mysore birkin with palladium hardware. The second is a 28 cm dark brown vintage croco kelly with gold hardware. I took the kelly out for the first time today. I love them both!! BUT I'm already thinking about my next purchase...
  10. WOW!!! Awesome first purchases! You have great taste. Congratulations, they both look stunning on you! :nuts:
  11. WOW! They both look just FAB on you!! (And love the top, too!)
  12. :graucho: next purchase ?????
  13. lol, yeah - it's always goes like that.
    gorgeous pieces -- congrats.:tup:
  14. oo love them both!!
  15. Both are gorgeous, and you look amazing, congrats!