My first BIG orange box!

  1. My very first post here was almost exactly two months ago when I began my H journey with a scarf print that is, to me, quintessentially Hermas - the Project Carres.
    H scarve.jpg
  2. What did you get, ms piggy...please share!!! :yes:
  3. I love it- Congrats to you. I am seeing that worn with winter white for the snow season- Stunning
  4. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  5. The journey continued with a second scarf not long after, Brides de Gala.
    Brides de Gala.jpg
  6. Then it was onto some accessories.
  7. ms piggy, have you been spending your lunch hour at the H stores? :graucho::lol:
  8. Hippo Cadena in Palladium.
  9. Whoops, caught by MrsS :shame:
  10. Cute- love the hippo:heart:
  11. The Hippo is soo adorable~!!! Let's see the rest...=)
  12. Constance belt. Matte palladium H buckle with black box/gold tog.
  13. One day, over a week ago, the handphone rang. The caller ID read Hermes.
  14. Love the scarves, belt and the cute hippo!!!
  15. It was my SA.