My first big orange box!

  1. As some of you may know, I've been looking for a job-interview bag recently. Today, I planned to go to the LV shop and pick up a Passy.

    Only...I made the fatal mistake of going to the Hermes shop first (they are right across from each other at the mall). I looked at some Evelynes, tried on some 31 cm Bolides, a couple of Kellys...and then the SA brought out an orange box containing a 37 cm Bolide that took my breath away. Whew!

    I have to put in a word here about the Atlanta Hermes store. I've heard horror stories about snobby, unhelpful SAs, and I experienced nothing but kindness, patience and humor here -- although I've never purchased anything there before, and even though I was wearing an LV bag, Levi's jeans, and Old Navy shirt, and my bright fuchsia Crocs! (see below)

    Anyway, I fell in love with this Bolide, but was more than I've spent on a bag before, so I told the SA I was going to take a walk and think about it. DH and I went across to LV, but every bag I picked up in there just made me say, "eh." DH and I sat down in the mall lobby for a little while and talked about it, and he encouraged me to go for the one I truly loved rather than something that was just OK. (Have I mentioned that I have the best DH ever?) The Bolide would be great for a job interview (as me_love_purse wisely suggested), and much more.

    So back to the Hermes store we went, and I asked the wonderful SA (Oscar) to bring back "my" Bolide. He brought out the giant orange box, I compared her with a 31 cm Bolide, tried her on a few more times...and finally asked him to wrap her up. I also picked out a twilly to go with her!

    Without further ado, here's my 37 cm Mou Ebene Clemence Bolide with PH! Doesn't she look like yummy dark chocolate?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I wasn't kidding about the Crocs...tacky but sooo comfortable!

    I'm a happy girl!
  2. Great color!
  3. Congratulations! It's gorgeous and will make the perfect interview bag.
  4. Oh, congratulations on a totally gorgeous bag. I love it!! Love the twilly, too!! And what a great hubby you have. Lucky girl!!

    I bought my Evelyne by phone from the Atlanta store and they were very nice and helpful.
  5. It's just gorgeous and looks absolutely perfect on you, congratulations!!!
  6. Whooo-Hoooo Hippie! That bag is goin ON! I LOVE it on you! You made a great beautiful choice, what a smashing first H bag!

  7. Oh! Great bag and love that twilly. I have china to match the twilly.
  8. Beautiful bag and it looks great on you! I soo love ebene-it goes with everything. My first H bag was a 37 bolide and it's a little tough getting past the sticker shock initially. But, it is the best interview/take to work bag. It is timeless, gorgeous and under the radar. Mine goes to work with me everyday.
  9. [​IMG]

    Looks perfect!..... you won't wear the, ahem, crocs, to the interview though?
  10. Congrats!!!! It is just gorgeous and looks perfect on you!
  11. Congratulations - what a gorgeous bag!

    Good luck for your interview :yes:
  12. That's such a beautiful bag, hippiechic. You've already got the perfect DH, and I hope your Bolide helps you land the perfect job!
  13. ROFL! :lol: No, I promise I will dress a little better for the interview!!

    hermesgroupie, the china sounds lovely! I just loved the colors in this twilly, and the little white lilies.

    PGN, you are right about Ebene, I can't think of a color it wouldn't go with. And also about it being under the radar - that's exactly what I wanted. Even DH commented that there isn't anywhere I couldn't carry this bag.

    Thanks EVERYONE for the lovely compliments and congrats!
  14. wow! that is the perfect choice! love the ebene color and it looks great on you! love the crocs! i saw so many bright colored crocs today!
  15. Yay! It's gorgeous, hippiechic!!! :yahoo:and looks just perfect on you. Love the twilly, too--and the green and brown look very nice together. Good luck on your interviews!