My first big Hermes box!!!

  1. Hi

    I justed wanted to share with everyone that my big orange box had arrived in the weekend!!!:yahoo: I can't believe it that I finally can be a proud owner of a 35 cm palladium Birkin! I have been waiting for so long!

    But still haven't taken her out yet, as I have exams in two weeks time so no going out until after that!!

    G Lee
  2. Welcome G!
    What color did you get?
  3. AGH! Tease! What colour? :girlsigh:
  4. Show us!!!
  5. yay! congrats!
  6. Black Togo Birkin :yahoo:
    hermes 007a.jpg hermes 009a.jpg
  7. Beautiful. Congrats. Good luck with your exams.
  8. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. beautiful! ... congrats!
  10. lovely, congrats!
  11. What a great first bag - it's a workhorse!!
    Congratulations and good luck with your exams.
  12. Black Togo is perfect for a first Birkin. Congratulations!

    Good luck on your exam!
  13. Congratulations Wonderful bag.:yahoo: Wonderful Color!!!!!!
  15. Gorgeous Birkin...The Best Combination!!:yahoo: