My first "big girl" scarf!!

  1. Ok, I am one of those pochette and "neck scarf" girls... know, the gal in the office who always has a jaunty little scarf tied sweetly around her neck in a simple square knot. A little pop of colour, but thats it. Never anything bold and big, and unless you had a magnifying glass out, you'd never know which designer, or even what they look like unfolded.

    No more!!! :nuts:

    I am on a "store ban" because I promised DH a visit together (his first) to look around. So, while I've wanted to start getting big girl scarves, I've had to wait. I knew I liked the size, because I have others non-H (almost all are lower-end designers so I can wear them to the beach and such) What a build up so far, huh?

    Yesterday I was walking with a friend to a high end reseller store. Nothing in mind, company really, she just wanted a look-see. There were tons of scarves but I walked right up to one... grey-green, all folded up. I asked to look at it... Of COURSE it was the only Hermes in the whole joint. Fat hems. No holes, pulls or stains. My friends jaw dropped. She gave me the "if you aren't getting that, I am" look but I never gave her the chance. I bought it on the spot!

    Presenting my new Egyptian H scarf... Does anyone else have some history on it? I always wanted my first to be Equestrain, Greek, or Egyptian so I'm over the moon and sooo in love with it. Even DH oohed over it...

    I can't WAIT to wear her!!!
    HEgyptCorner.jpg HEgyptFull.jpg HEgyptCenter.jpg HEgyptDetail01.jpg
  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Wear your new scarf in good health. If the track record of the girls here is anything to go by, this won't be the last. It will be the most memorable :heart:.
  3. Angelfish, congratulations!! It's gorgeous, now model for us please!
  4. Fantastic and fabulous!!!

    Congratulations and welcome to the big girl scarf world...
    I am sure we will see more of your aquisitions!!! :wlae:
  5. Congratulations! It's a beautiful scarf! What a fantastic stroke of luck - you're going to have to visit that store often!:p
  6. Hey AF,

    The scarf is called "Scarabees et Pectoraux"The artist is Caty Latham. It was reissued in 1999.

  7. AF, that's a beautiful scarf!! Congrats. :smile:
  8. THANK YOU. To everybody, actually!! I have been DYING to go back to the store but DH made me promise not to skip to Alaska by me lonesome. I have been drooling over the threads, trying not to look too much...

    Will take some modeling pics tomorrow when my Mother drops by for a visit. I already do the scarf top one a lot with my others, and can't wait to see it with my new Hscarf...

    I can't stop looking at it. DH has already teased!!
  9. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!!!
  10. Congratulations!!! :yahoo:What a great find:smile: Beautiful scarf, hope you will post some in action pictures
  11. Incredibly beautiful. What a find. Congrats!

    egyptian scarf.jpg
  12. Oh, Angel, that is such a stunning scarf! :tup: Remember: you have been fully warned how there's no turning back now that you've ventured into the land of the "big girl" scarves. I can't wait to see your posts in Rose's "scarf of the day" thread while wearing this beautiful silken treasure.