My First Big Dior Bag!!!

  1. Happy New Year to all fellow Dior lovers!!!
    I'm usually in the Bal sub-forum, but got myself a Dior bag for Christmas during the sale.
    So thought i'll just share with all you lovely ladies.

    The SA at the DFS Scotts branch was so sweet, she gave me a really huge box when i requested for a gift box.
    Just wondering does all Dior bags come in gift box such as LV, or only upon request?
    IMG_20071224_0281.JPG IMG_20071224_0282.JPG
  2. Presenting Diorissima XXL Shopper in Black. :yahoo:

    IMG_20071224_0283.JPG Diorissima Bag.JPG
  3. And here she is with my very small collection of Dior accessories.

  4. Beautiful! Very classy!
  5. Congrats! Its such a lovely bag.
  6. this looks great, shopboy ! i think the box depends on the boutique and location, but always ships with a box as far as i know :yes:
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Congrats! What a functional bag! ...and I gotta say that collection isn't small. Wow great stuff! Love the sunnies :biggrin:
  9. wow great bag, congrats! Yeah, all my dior bags came in a dior box.
  10. oh wow! CONGRATS! =)
    my bag comes in a box.
  11. OMG!!! LOVE IT!! Congrats!!
  12. i bought mine at DFS ... it never come with a box .. when i bought my 2nd bag, i requested for one...
  13. I bought a Dior Saddlebag and never received a box, I asked for one but they said that they don't have boxes!
  14. Thank you all for the lovely comments!
    I didn't get any gift boxes for the waistbag, wrist pouch and wallets also. The last time i asked them, they told me Dior doesn't have gift boxes due to costs cut.
    So i decided to request for 1 this time and got it. :p

  15. ok how RIDICOLOUS is that? isnt Dior supposed to be a LUXURY brand ? :wtf: when i choose not to go to Zara and get my wallet for 20 euro and spend 300 € on a Dior instead i dont wanna hear crap about cost cutting i want the whole shebang , box included!

    pathetic, really :upsidedown: