My first "big" Chanel bag: Flap or Boy?

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  1. Aww no! I was hoping you'd love it! And I was hoping for some pictures haha. Was it too much silver? Like the leather plus the shiny silver chain? Was the leather delicate? Sorry for all the questions! Still considering this piece in black
  2. Yea, sadly it just wasn't my style :sad: Very striking though.
    In the stock photos, the calfskin appears crinkled and distressed, which makes the bag more wearable. However, the actual bag is very puffy and very shiny, in full-on metallic mode. It kinda reminded me of a puffy coat or duct tape. I loved the shiny hardware and the tweed details, I just wished the silver calfskin was a little more low-key.
    The calfskin seemed sturdy to me, but I've heard that metallic coloring can come off easily.
  3. Hi there! May I suggest that you actually try to put some of your essential items inside the bag and carry it around inside your house? I found out that way if I would like a bag or not.

    I fell in love with the boy bag two weeks ago and bought it because of the color. But after I try putting some stuff in it and carried it on the shoulder... my essential items does not fit inside. it just doesn't seem right for me... the metal chain is too bulky, the chain is like a loop, and it kept moving around making metal sounds... The opening is not as smooth comparing to other chanel bags. The inside have no real pockets.... and it's fabric lining... The quality cant be compare with the classic flap, I found so many things wrong with it and end up returning it...

    So try putting some of your stuff that you carry in the bag and see how you like it. I am sure you will find out then.
  4. I've absolutely fallen in love with the med size boy, but like others said you can't fit a lot in, particularly a large size iPhone with other things. The flap is more convenient but I love the look of the med boy bag. More modern trendy look of classic Chanel.
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  5. You were wrongly informed. Go to page 2 of this thread. I posted an unboxing video with some modeling shots. You'll be able to see how big the old medium boy bag is. I can filt my full size Louis Vuitton Sarah wallet in it.
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  6. I thought Le boy is more trendier than CF, but after trying it on.. I am totally on the classic side. I still like boy style by looking at it, but it didn't give me the "heartbeat" moment when I wear it.. (.
  7. For the first Chanel bag I would always go for the Classic Flap in Medium/Large in black in Caviar with GHW, actually what I got for my 21st birthday and she still looks like brand new (I am 23 1/2 now). I think it's the perfect bag you can wear her in so many different ways at day and night, I got the boy this year in February in the Old Medium in black in Caviar with gone GHW and to be honest I wear her more often, because I can wear her cross-body, but I would not use her for the evening and I really lover her (I mean it's a Chanel bag haha), but the Classic Flap will always be my baby and I am searching for a red one atm. I would not recommend the Boy in Lambskin, because the leather is too delicate for this bag and as it is your first/only Chanel bag I think you will use her quite frequently and due to many reviews the lambskin does not last this well (if you want check Sophie Sohets youtube channel, she show's her Boy in lambskin and talks about the damages). I hope I this helps, anyways congratulations to your job and your first Chanel!! XX
  8. I bought a classic small flap bag last month. It was in black caviar with gold hardware. It's a very nice elegant bag. It was a replacement for my rectangular mini in black lambskin with shw (rectangular is a perfect size for me but in caviar) I kept thinking back and forth if I should keep my classic flap. I am more on crossbody bag, and I think the.classic flap looked too "serious" on me. I kept it for almost 3 weeks..and decided to exchanged it with small boy bag. Maybe someday I will buy a vintage classic flap..
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