My first "big" Chanel bag: Flap or Boy?

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  1. Hi all,
    I've finally received an offer for a full-time job after university, and I'm celebrating by buying myself my first "full" Chanel bag :smile: (using my signing bonus!)
    I have a red caviar WOC with ruthenium HW, the small compact wallet in this season's new pink iridescent leather, and a hairclip. Now I'm looking to buy my first full-size bag.
    I'm torn between the medium classic flap in black lambskin with gold HW, or the boy bag in black lambskin also with gold.
    I'm a little worried that I'll get bored of the flap, but I also think the boy bag is less luxurious for the price tag (stiff shape, fabric lining). I'm also worried that the flap looks too pedestrian because so many people have fakes :sad:
    What is everyone's recommendation?
    For those who own both, which one do you use more often?
    I won't use this as an everyday bag, but I'll use it when I go shopping or on the weekends.
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  2. First off, congratulations!!

    I am not a fan of boy bags personally, unless they have something extra to them. But everyone's style is different. I do agree though that for the price of the bag it shouldn't have fabric lining. Have you tried both on?
  3. I have both bags (in different leathers/hardware) and probably use the CF a bit more - but it really depends on your style preferences. In your combo of blk lambskin and gold hardware, I would go for the classic flap (but that's only bedroom I like the Boy with ruthenium hw). Good luck, both bags are quite classic and versatile so go with what you love!
  4. Depends on lifestyle. Unable to use CFs as much these days so default carry boy but personally classic for first full size bag for the reasons u mention. There r lots of fake boys out there too. Tend to c them more (or inspired bags) these days.
  5. Funny you said you might get tired of the CF. I actually got tired of my plain black boy bag! it just sits because it's not the most exciting bag..I actually ended up getting the boy jacket-the boy with the chain border. If you're not into the boy jacket, I recommend the classic flap. It's beautiful in the black lamb!!
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  6. Have you tried both on? CF is great for formal occasions, tbh I think I do like my CF a lot more than my black boy, the quality is better
  7. Flap
  8. Thank you very much :smile:
    I've tried them on, and the boy definitely feels less quality to me: more hollow and less quality leather. I fell in love with the look of the boy, but now that I'm finally in a position to buy it it doesn't feel worth the price. I looked at secondhand ones online but they are barely cheaper than the retail price.
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  9. That's interesting! I did like the jacket boy in last year's A/W collection, but I don't like the crinkly calfskin that this season's version uses. When did you get yours? :smile:
  10. I've never purchased a new Chanel, and have been seriously considering one for the past several months. Like you, I was looking mostly at the Boy and Classic Flap. I decided on the CF, because its design truly stands the test of time. Perhaps the Boy will take the same road; we'll see. But, it's a CF for me, I think. And sooner rather than later, as I hear the price increases may be on the way.
  11. Big congratulations! for me, it will be the CF first. Never mind those fakes, they're everywhere! Lol again, congrats on both - new bag. New job! ;)
  12. I love both bags. I find the boy bag to be a bit edgier. I also found the boy bag not as comfortable to wear as a should bag (for me it slipped off my shoulder), so for that reason my first purchase was the classic flap. I will definitely be getting a boy at some point but because I love the look. But I find the CF to be great and goes with so much! Congratulations on whatever you purchase!
  13. For my first, I'd go for a CF - but maybe not in a standard "classic" color.
  14. Congratulations on the job offer.

    I would prefer the CF instead of the boy bag. Have you also considered the 2.55 reissue? Made of distressed calfskin and may be durable than lambskin.
    My suggestion is to go to the boutique. You will know which one is right for you once you try them on. Best wishes.
  15. I have a red mini with GHW (on my prof pic) and a black boy with RHW. They have different uses, since the mini has ghw then it gets paired with dressier outfits (ex. skirts & dresses) and the boy gets paired with more casual outfits (ex. jeans & shorts); although I can also pair the boy with skirts. You may have to think about your weekend wardrobe and see which style fits your aesthetic best. Good luck deciding!