My first BEC reveal! Casual Bag in aubergine sheen!

  1. Sorry! I don't have any creative title. I also am not sure how to thumbnail pics so that they aren't huge, so please forgive my ginormous pics. I received my bag a couple weeks ago and have carried her daily since. I adore the color and she is softening up and looking, well, more casual;) little by little! It is a casual bag in aubergine sheen, silver hw, and caramel lining. The caramel is more "coppery" than I expected but I love it with the aubergine. My only "downside" (if it's even a downside) is that I want the handles to be softer and broken in RIGHT NOW rather than new, but that's just me being silly.:p

    What I carry on a daily basis inside her:

    And of course, the gratuitous riding shotgun pic!

    As many of you know, aubergine is just gorgeous. But super hard to capture the actual color in pics. Thankfully, my sweet friend, Hildie, had explained to me exactly how dark aubergine is irl and it is a wonderful neutral for me in fall and winter!
  2. Just gorgeous, Jen! I love aubergine leather! It's a beautiful neutral yet still put some color in your wardrobe! Thanks for sharing with us! It's fabulous!
  3. It is a great neutral and the smell of the sheen leather is so yummy!!! :biggrin:
  4. What a gorgeous bag! Love aubergine--it's a BE fan favorite, I think. I really like the looks of the casual bag--so glad to hear it has been a great fit!
  5. Gorgeous bag, and I love the lining color with your leather- perfect for the autumn!!
  6. And you carry this bag on our shoulder, jenbur?

    It's quite pretty!
  7. Thanks all!:smooch:

    Moonfancy, I can carry it on my shoulder as long as I'm not wearing a heavy coat. But it is not as comfy on the shoulder as rolled handles are for me. I keep hoping with lots of love and use, the straps will soften enough that I can shoulder carry it more. I can also let the straps out one more hole, but I like the looks better if I don't.
  8. I am so glad the color works for you! She is beautiful dear friend!
  9. What a gorgeous bag in a lovely leather. Very nice choice, jenbur! Thanks for sharing her with us :smile:
  10. Hi dear jenbur, Aubergine is one of my favorite all-time leathers. I think it just gets better and better too because as it ages it softens beautifully. The scent is quite yummy, isn't it??? :smile:

    Enjoy your lovely handbag!
  11. What a beauty of a bag!! I adore the aubergine looks wonderful in the casual bag!!

    So glad your BEC has turned out so lovely!!


    I love the shotgun picture!
  12. It looks gorgeous!! We'll be bag twins!!!The handles will soften up fast is depending on the leather type, and the aubergine is a softer type of leather!

    The bag looks even better than I could imagine ;)
  13. Bonnie, I'm so glad to hear they'll soften! I assumed they would, but it's better to "know" it.:smile: My new BE's have always been a matte leather, so this was new territory for me.

    Thanks again, ladies, for sharing my excitement with me.
  14. Very nice! This leather will soften and it will continue to look great. Enjoy!
  15. Jen, I never commented on this before although I have visited your thread quite a bit...I love the shotgun shot. Lovely colour! Make sure you spray the bag with a water repellant that has UV screen to protect the colour. I don't know how sunny the weather normally is where you live but it pays to be safe rather than sorry.