My first Bbag


Feb 1, 2006
Hello everybody..

From looking at all the great pics amd reading the threads I finally to get my first Bbag..

I haven't orderd it yet - need to save it bit of money to be able to afford it :yes:
But I want the purse in white...:drool:

U guys think it's a good choise for the first Bbag??:hysteric:
It depends mostly on your personal preference..with light colors like white, you have to be more careful not to get them dirty, issue with darkening of the handles. But lots of Pfers have light, pastel colored bbags and they looks great.
Thats true... But I take really good care of my bags and would clean it with some kind og leather cleaner (dont know what its called :shame: ) if it got dirty...
I have a black multicolor LV bag now and have been wantin a white bag for some time... and I love the Purse :drool:
Yea that site sells authentic. You should go for the white purse! Get it now while you can cause once the purses from last season are all sold out they are going to be hard to find! White bbags are beautiful and they aren't hard to keep clean with some leather cleaner. :heart: