My First Bbag!!

  1. I finally got my first bbag!!! It's a Grenat First from Aloha Rag. Thanks to everyone on this forum that offered such great advice and info. I'm so happy to be part of the bbag family :nuts:

    My bag WAS perfect when she arrived. I still love her as much as I did the day I got her (maybe more) :love: ; however, now she has an imperfection. There is a horizontal scratch about 2.5 inches long on the middle of the back of the bag (It looks like a scratch, it's a line a shade lighter than the bag). I need advice from experts. I've attached a picture, but it's not very clear as it is from my phone. I've only carried the bag a few times. I carried it with the shoulder strap and the handles were flat against the bag. I'm wondering if the back handle might have caused this imperfection due to rubbing against the bag. I haven't treated the bag so the leather is not protected :sad: . My question is, has anyone else experienced anything like this? What should I do to smooth it? What should I do so that this doesn't happen again...appleguard protectant? Please help! Thanks in advance.
  2. i don't think this should have gotten scratched like that so easily...
  3. I think you can just condition it and it should smooth out
  4. thanks pinkpirate. that is what I thought. You do see the scratch right? Now I feel like the leather is so delicate and needs to be babied!
  5. thanks Mocean. I think I will purchase the appleguard conditioner. I really hope it becomes less noticeable.
  6. I'm one of the glutsiest people on earth so, my B-bags really go through some abuse! I'll gets scratches and marks on my bags once in awhile, so all I do is put some leather conditioner/cleaner and VOILA!....scratches/marks gone! The B-bags are pretty resilient so, I wouldn't describe them as "delicate" at all. If the conditioning doesn't work, by all means return or exchange it. BTW, I've never used anything on my B-bags and they're fine, I do use a leather cleaner (Coach Leather Cleaner :love: ) once in awhile after extensive use.
  7. Pursemama, I am so relieved to read your post! Thank you for your response. What cleaner/conditioner should I use to make the scratch disappear? Coach? My bag is a Grenat first. I'm so excited now! Thanks again.