My First BBag!!!

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  1. Okay, I'm usually in the Miu Miu forum, but I am soooo excited right now.
    Normally I like large bags, but since DH and I have been going on Harley runs lately, I found that I really needed a small bag to fit in those box compartments and my Prada/MM were just too big.

    So, I thought about a small BBag. I was going to buy one from ebay or Bonanzle, but thought why not just get a new one from the Bal website.

    So I did!!! I bought a first in anthricite!! :yahoo:
    So excited, that I opted for the over-night shipping!!

    Just had to share. :smile:
  2. Anthracite is such a gorgeous ccolour and the First can hold more than you'd think. I hope you will love yours too and I'm looking forward to your pics.
  3. Congrats - you will be the queen of the harley runs with a fantastic bag. Great choise in colour! - I gather your choise was a "first"?
  4. Great choice in the Anthracite First. Anthra is such a beautiful color and goes with everything. Can't wait to see pics.
  5. Yes, my first is a First!! :biggrin:

    You will all have to excuse my BBag ignorance, but I know absolutely nothing about BBags. Can you enlighten me about the leather please?

    Mine is the lambskin and the only reason I wanted the lambskin is because I am so use to my MMs that are made of lambskin. What is the other type of leather and any words of advice on the care of the lambskin? TIA!
  6. finally you are in bal forum....congrats:yahoo:.... more to come:woohoo:

    no more mm????
  7. Congrats! Post pics when it arrives!
  8. COngrats Miu2
  9. Congrats!! I'm already waiting for pics :drool:
  10. hey !! good to see you here !! moving over to bb eh ? LOL... I'm starting to get addicted to Bal now.... can't wait to see your modelling pics !! :popcorn:
  11. Welcome to Bal! You will love Anthracite. Post pics when it arrives!
  12. Congrats!! Anthra is beautiful ~~ cant wait to see a pic with your bal and your Harley :tup:
  13. Welcome to Bal!!! ;) Anthracite's a very nice versatile color. I'm sure you'll love it. (And soon you will want it to have a company. Or should I say companies? ;) Enjoy! ;)
  14. Love's a modern classic
  15. Congrats that's a beautiful color! Can't wait to see pics:tup: