My first bbag!!! :)))

  1. hello! i just wanted to share! i recently fell in love with balenciaga bags and was disappointed to find out that all the london stores were sold out of the violet city. But i just ordered one from BalNY and am excited that it'll be arriving in a week's time! :smile:)) very excited!!!
  2. congragulations, I cant wait to see pictures of your new bag
  3. thanks! i can't wait too!!! will post pictures when i get it!
  4. congrats!! loving all the violet out there...can't wait to see pics! :woohoo::heart:
  5. Congratulations!!! The Wait is the worst part:smile: Can't wait to see pictures of your new bag!
  6. oooh congrats!
    Can't wait to see pics!
    I hate waiting, that's why I ended up driving 3.5 hours accross the border to find my first bbag!
  7. congrats! can't wait to see pics of your new and first bbag! :yahoo:
  8. Congrats!
  9. I can feel your excitment, oysterboy!!! Violet is definitely definitely TDF this season!! U've made a great choice!!! Congrats!! Remember to post pics once u get hold of your first dream bbag!!!
  10. hey...congrats..dont forget to share pic once it's arrived :nuts:
  11. congrats! violet is beautiful! cant wait to see modelling pics!
  12. COngrats! Can't wait to see pics when it arrives! How exciting...but a warning...this is just the beginning of an obsession! You will want more and more!
  13. great choice, congrats!! :biggrin:
  14. in this period i'm so in love with the violet! can't wait to see her! congrats
  15. Congrats! Its so agonising to wait for your Bbag to arrive! Rem to post modelling pics too! :yes: