My First BBag

  1. Thanks to a marvelous PFer :yahoo: the postman came today and delivered my first BBag, a Black AW06 First.

    I absolutely love it, it's the perfect size, it feels so comfortable carrying it or wearing it on the shoulder, it carries exactly what I need it to carry and OMG the leather is beautiful -

    I think a new obsession has been born. :graucho:
    BBag1.jpg BBag3.jpg BBag4.jpg BBag Contents.jpg BBag2.jpg
  2. Yay! she's gorgeous congrats!! *hugs*
  3. ooh she's lovely! congrats!
  4. Bbags surely are a slippery slope! Congratulations!
  5. It's gorgeous!!! Beautiful leather, it's a keeper for sure! SO, what color is next?:graucho:
  6. Very nice!! Congrats! Be careful now, after this, it's all you'll be thinking about! More bbags!
  7. fabulous first!!!!!!!!!!
  8. YAY....she's gorgeous!!!
  9. Congratulations! :tup:
  10. so gorgeous, congrats.
  11. congrats on the new bag!!
  12. Congrats on a classic bag :tup:
  13. LOVE your first'll be wanting more and more and more.

  14. Gorgeous bag...and the perfect choice for your first b-bag! Congrats!
  15. that is such a great first piece! they are so addicting aren't they? haha i'm already plotting my third purchase in as many months :love: