My first Bbag

  1. I think this is 04 Dark Turquoise according to the tag.
    I am not an expert, so please correct me if I am wrong. The tag says 0507C/115748 3444.
    Without experts' confirmation at the authentiate thread, it could not have been mine.

    With natural light

    With flash

    It was not in great condition, though it was not that bad, so I added some Renapur and ironed wrinkled area.

    I love the color and soft leather. Now I want the green City or Work...:p

    Thank you for reading!
  2. Congrats on your first Bbag. :yahoo:I am not an expert on older Bbags but it looks like Indigo to me (i could be wrong). :shrugs:Either way it is gorgeous. Enjoy it.:tup:
  3. Beautiful bag.

    Nanaz: It has pewter h/w so it cant be indigo?
  4. Def. looks like Dark Turq to me. Congrats on such a rare find!
  5. OOOH I love it!!! WOWZA, enjoy her :party:
  6. That is definitely Dark Turquoise from 04. I LOVE that color blue - it is one of my favorites!

    I could hardly believe my eyes when you said that you ironed a wrinkled area on the bag. Is that right?! Weren't you terrified of hurting the leather? I'm not very domestic, so perhaps ironing leather isn't as difficult as I think.
  7. Beautiful! I love the combo of the hardware and leather color! Congrats!
  8. I'll bet if you did a search on ironing bags, yours would be the only one to come up!
    It is an absolutely gorgeous bag - congrats!
  9. What an incredible find. I love the old ones with silver hardware.

    I want to know too how you ironed the wrinkles. What did you do?

    Its a gorgeous bag with that soft leather balenciaga was best known for (in my opinion). Congratulations!!!
  10. Congrats, the color and leather are stunning! I agree that it's turq. 04.
  11. One of my absolute favorite B bag colors. Congrats on finding one of the harder to find colors!!!!! A real beauty!:tup:
  12. Thank you all!

    I read a plenty of claims-to-be leather proffesional sites regarding ironing leather in advance. They say it is perfectly safe if I use the lowest heat setting with brown paper bag between iron and leather.

    A wrinkled area was the top part in both front and back, it got curled (rolled) up because of wrinkles and dryness, I believe. Discoloration and scuff are very minor overall, but that curled up area on the top part really bothered me. Ironing made the area a little bit shiner and darker, but it is not noticeeable. It definately worked for me. However, I do not recommned it unless you are that desperate like I was :nogood:

    I hope you can understand what I am talking about. Excuse my English (I am a Japanese).
  13. congrats!!! what a beautiful bag!!! love this color!!!
  14. W:nuts:W
  15. gorgeous color congrats!! enjoy her!!