My First Bbag! Vert d'eau City new and updated with Broken In pics

  1. I got my first bbag from AR about 2 weeks ago. But school's been hectic, so I've not had time to post! here she is, a vert d'eau (:
    the lighting isn't too good in some of the pictures, sorry! :sweatdrop:
    IMG_0003.JPG IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0017.JPG IMG_0016.JPG
  2. Wowza! she's beautiful!! I'm normally not a S/S colored kind of gal but that Vert D'eau looks so cool, calm, and yummy like Mint Ice Cream. Congratulations and welcome to the Bbag forum!
  3. Thanks! (: i haven't used her yet, but she looks truly divine! abit more greenish than blu-ish irl though. (:
  4. Congrats on that beauty! I get the most compliments from my Vert d'Eau City so get ready for people wanting to touch:smile:
  5. Congrats!! Vert D'eau is so pretty!! Very Spring-ish!!
  6. thank you! (:
    ohh nooo! :nogood: i'll make sure their hands are really clean before i let them touch it! haha!

    thank you!i've always wanted a pistachio, but since its almost impossible to get one, i settle for the vert. (: i'm glad i did!
  7. I cannot believe you have not used her yet!!! She is so pretty, you need to use her soon! The leather looks like my BG & it would be all swooshy in no time. :drinkup:CONGRATS(if I have not said it before to you ;)...)!!!
  8. So pretty! I really love some of the lighter green color...Vert D'eau, Pistachio, Seafoam...etc.. Such a nice color for spring. Congrats on your purchase! :tup:
  9. What an amazing first bbag!! The leather is incredible and I love Vert d'eau!!!
  10. Thank you! I'm already thinking of getting another Bbag! :p but I think I need to do some saving first. :yes:
  11. Congrats for getting your first bbag! I love the vert de'eau, I have it in the Twiggy style :smile:
  12. That color is beautiful,very spring time.:smile:
  13. Congratulations. It's GORGEOUS! I didn't get a that color when it came out, but every time I saw it I :drool: and regretted it. I finally took the plunge and it is really a TDF gorgeous color and the leather on every single one that I've ever seen on here or in person is perfection.
  14. congrats!!!! pretty color!
  15. I just bought the same bag a few weeks ago too...It's so pretty! Enjoy it!