My First Bbag ~ Truffle City Ggh!!!

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  1. Hey guysssss!

    I am soooo excited! I got my first ever Balenciaga today from aloharag!!!
    I think I am in LURVE!!!!

    I absolutely ADORE this colour, it's just so gorgeous, especially with the gold hardware :yahoo: I fell in love with Truffle after seeing karenab's PT :heart:

    I think the strap might be a *tad* too short to carry on the shoulder though but I still love it!

    Here are some pics I just took with photobooth:



  2. Gorgeous!! I am also very into the Truffle with GGH right now!! Congrats on your first bbag!!
  3. i love this combo!! Congrats!!
  4. It looks great, congratulations! The leather looks very thick and chewy!
  5. Congrats on your first Bbag! It looks great on you.
  6. NICE!!!! Love her to death!! Congrats on your first bbag!!
  7. Thanks guys!! I'm stoked!!

    I'm gonna treasure it like a baby and be extra cautious with it!
  8. That is so pretty - I love the gh with that color leather! Congrats!
  9. Congrats! Gorgy colour, stunning bag!

  10. It is gorgeous. I saw one in person a few weeks ago and I love the ggh with the truffle color. Enjoy and congrats!
  11. congrats on your first bbag! it looks fab! :smile:
  12. She is absolutly gorgeous! Congratulations!!!!! :woohoo:
  13. Congrats.:yahoo: I love this combo too.:yes:
  14. Gorgeous, congrats!
  15. What a fabulous combination. Gorgeous colour which really suits GGH. You've made a great choice of first Bbag!