my first bbag! the Truffle City ;D

  1. My parents bought me the City in truffle for my birthday. :yahoo: It`s sad that I`m still so dependent on them but hey! I saved myself $1250! Haha. The first four pictures are with the flash on and the last two without. It`s my first bbag but definitely not the last.

    I knew that only the PF`ers in the Balenciaga forum would truly understand how happy I am. No one else really gets why I`m so psyched about the bag. :rolleyes:

    I got it from Aloha Rag and I had to go through like five bags to decide on which one I wanted. All of the bags felt a little different and a lot of them were too shiny and stiff for me. But I finally decided on the one I wanted.

    I absolutely love it!
    Picture 001.jpg Picture 002.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 005.jpg Picture 009.jpg Picture 010.jpg
  2. congrats...
    you are such a lucky girl.....
    oh, and happy birthday.....
  3. congrats! I'm also on Oahu. north shore though! glad to see a fellow bbag addict from the island on here! :party:
  4. Congrats! It's pretty!
  5. Congratulations and happy birthday! It is beautiful...enjoy!
  6. congrats, happy birthday!
  7. congrats and happy birthday! what a great gift!
  8. Congrats! Happy Birthday!
  9. Very pretty handbag, the first of many! Welcome to the world of Balenciaga! Happy Birthday!.

    I wish you well,

  10. What a a great bag! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
  11. Congrats...that was my first bag too! I love it!
  12. What a gorgeous bag! Congrats! And Happy Birthday.
  13. happy birthday and congrats!
  14. congrats!!!!
  15. Happy birthday! Congrats and enjoy your Bbag!