My first Bbag! Take a Look at My Black Weekender!

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  1. I asked to see all the bags in the back room so I could get the leather I wanted. But do all Weekenders look old when you first get them? I love the slouchiness and hope it continues to slouch the more I wear it... I was just thinking you can't tell an old Bbag from a new Bbag. Is that right?

    Anyway, I adore this bag and strangely enough, it fits snugly but comfortably on my shoulder.

    Do I have to pre-treat the handles or corners in some way? I never fuss with my bags, but will pre-treat this one if it is recommended. :yes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. gorgeous - congratulations! I'm sure it will get even more beautiful with use!
    I treat my handles with LMB's for handles only and protect the corners with LMB shine restore but I don't know that it would be necessary with a black bag?
  3. ^ Thank you!

    Did you protect them before you started using your bag or after as a treatment?
  4. I protect them before I use them. Some ladies here (who are far more Bal experienced than I am) don't use anything I believe so it is pretty much a personal thing. I have however used my anthra city almost daily for 4 months and it is as perfect as the day I bought it - the handles haven't darkened at all!
  5. :nuts: stunning... Congrats! I treat my black maxi twiggy's handles with LMB, for handles only as well. I did it not for the color but to prevent the stickiness ^.^ enjoy your big baby!
  6. Simply gorgeous. :drool: Look at the leather and how it drapes! :tender: Congrats on your WE!
  7. I know! Look how it drapes and it's new... it can only get slouchier the more I wear it. :yes:

    I haven't had such love for a new bag in years. I wasn't even getting this feeling when buying a new Chanel. It's the drape - I'm a sucker for leather that is soft and relatively unstructured.
  8. It is just scrumptious goodness!

    Enjoy this lovely Weekender, Jayne1, she is gorgy!
  9. That is a stunning bag and looks like divine leather. Don't treat it at all. Leave it alone to age naturally and it will only get better. Really, don't mess with it.
  10. i wouldn't treat it! love this bag! the leather looks so nice! congrats!!
  11. That's a beautifully slouchy Weekender you have there! I wouldn't treat it either, the leather looks so good as is and will get even better with use. Also -- no need to worry about darkening handles with a black leather bag anyway!
  12. wow, that is super gorgeous!!
  13. wow it looks pristine! congrats and enjoy!!!!!
  14. WOW. Amazing. I would not treat it..the leather looks perfect, and you also don't have to worry about the handles darkening since it's black.

  15. Jayne! Nice to see you here on the Bal forum!!

    Is that a 2010 WE? Check the inside pocket for the white production card that lists the year and season. The first set of numbers is the year and the second set the season (either a 1 for Spring/Summer or 3 for Fall/Winter). The slouch on that bag is fantastic!