My First Bbag ... Stunning !

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    170.JPG :yahoo:Waouuuuuu!! :yahoo:

    My first Bbag just arrived !!
    I was so excited to go home and find it! But you know what, just a few meters before arriving home, I saw this UPS truck and I was screaming ''IT'S FOR ME IT'S FOR ME I KNOW IT !!! "" But the truck stopped so I started thinking maybe the guy already delivered it ... so 20 secondes later I arrived home and ... NOTHING ! Hummmm so I was praying the UPS guy would stopped for me too ... BUT HE PASSED MY STREET !!
    GRRRR :wtf:!! I was so shocked
    And just 2 minutes later I saw the UPS truck entered my street I was like glued to my window observing it but he passed me AGAIN ! Grrrr he stopped to another house! I was so disappointed I went to the kitchen to kill this anger but suddently DING DONG !
    AAAA I run to the door : THE UPS MAN !! He started to blabla me about my French last name while I was just staring at the box!!

    So here it is My first Bbag !:love:

    I am in loveeee:heart: with it!
    I can't believe how this color is gorgeous ! :drool:
    And THAT bag ! The city is really the good size for me :nuts:

    IT'S PERFECT :love:
  2. CONgRATS!!!! Pretty pUrteee cOLOr... :tup:
  3. YEAH!!!! Your very frst exciting! Waiting for Bbags are the worst! I'm sure this one will not be your last. LOVE IT!
  4. Congratulations!! I am in Beverly Hills, CA on vacation and I bought MY very first Bbag at Barney's in Bev Hills......a black city bag. I absolutely love it too! We are two lucky gals!!!
  5. Congrats!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Love your story! My heart skips a beat at the UPS truck too!;)
    Oh... and your purse is really beautiful!!!
  6. WoW Yummy yummy leather!!! and beautiful colour!!!
  7. It is TDF! Congratulations!
  8. It's beautiful. Enjoy it. (It probably won't be your last!) :graucho:
  9. congrats! enjoy her! this is your first but it wont be your last!
  10. It is gorgeous. You are right about the color. Enjoy it.
  11. Go girl:yahoo: i looooove the color! The photos are great. I bet you are so happy. The City is such a great style.
    EnjoY her:wlae:
  12. Love it!
  13. OOOO, the anticipation!!!! Great saga of the UPS man, LOL! Anyway, congrats on your first bbag. She is GORGEOUS!
  14. That is a great shock of color. Have fun with your new bag.
  15. Oogiewoogie, Elliemay, luvhandbags!, simona7, judull 4u
    MandB, shamrock, addictedali, ronsdiva, chloebagfreak, oo_let_me_see, Blue_hour_girl

    THANKSSSSSSS everybody !! :cutesy:
    It feels so good that you share my experience and hysterie :yahoo:

    And ... I know I really really love this bag and I will never get tired of but now it just feels like I have to start to get her brothers :graucho: