My First BBag- Rouge Vif! PICS! <3

  1. Hi! I'm Sammy! I'm new to the Balenciaga forums, i usually lurk at Marc Jacobs :smile: I bought my first ever BBag yesterday at Neimen Marcus and i am already in lovveee:love:

    Here's some pictures i took today.. Note that the ones with me and the bag have been slightly edited so the colours wont be as true to life.. the other two are totally untouched :heart:

    I can definitely see why you girls are so addicted! The leather is soooo soft and gorgeous and the bag is soooo light! I can definitely see myself purchasing another!

    _Sammy xx
    zzbbag+me!2.jpg zzzbbag2.jpg zzzbbag.jpg zz1Bbag+Me!.jpg
  2. Welcome to B-Bag country. Your bag is gorgeous and it looks great on you!
  3. Congrats on such a pretty bag!!
  4. Welcome and congratulations on your first Bbag, Sammydoll! You picked a real beauty for your first one. The Rouge VIF City looks perfect on you!
  5. Hi Sammy! What a great first bbag, it's gorgeous! Congrats! :yahoo: And it looks soo good on you! Btw, I think I have the same glasses as you. I love them! :heart:
  6. Wow! Beautiful! what a great way to start. Congrats:flowers:
  7. :yes: Yay!!!!
  8. Aw, glasses twins! Nicole Miller? :smile:
  9. It's beautiful and it looks fantastic on you!
  10. congrats on ur first and def not your last!
  11. woop woop go the ROUGE VIF!!!
  12. The bag is lookin good. I can't wait to buy one.
  13. the bag is lovely! Congrats!
  14. the bag looks great on you! congrats!
  15. gorgeous Love the little dog too