My first BBAG!! *~*Reveal*~* from RDC 07 Vert Gazon GGH!


Dec 29, 2007
I am so excited to receive my very first Bbag. But first, I have to thank Corey over at RDC for being ever so patient while answering my more than 20 emails regarding the bags. She took tons of photos, answered all of my questions and was extremely professional and sweet all the way from email #1 to email #20...maybe even more. :P

I actually ordered a different bag and was not over the moon with it so I returned it. When I was returning it, I told Corey that my dream bag would be the Vert Gazon City with GGH one that sold a few days after I bought mine. As luck would have it, she told me that the Vert Gazon was acutally available again! :nuts:

After more photos and emails exchanged, I finally took the leap and purchased this beauty. It came today and I am in awe. The leather is so soft and silky. The GGH is a gorgeous compliment to the VG. And the bag is nicely broken in, as you can see from the photo of it laying in a silky pool. I think I have just entered into the dark side of Bbags!!!

Thank you for letting me share my joy. And thank you, once again, Corey!!! You truly are the BEST! :yahoo:


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just one more...
Feb 17, 2009
wow! that is so beautiful. I'd love to see some modeling shots... congrats on your first bbag!! it's FABULOUS.

On a different note, this must be the bag that Aarponen had returned to Corey, only to be scammed on Ebay for a different VG :sad: