My first Bbag purchasing dilemma (now that I am on a budget)

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Blue Glacier NOW or Violet LATER (I have to choose one)

  1. Blue Glacier Work brand new now

  2. Violet City RH is totally worth the wait

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok...I'm on the list for a Marigold Makeup (RH) with hgbags. I'm VERY happy about that. I am also on a list for a Violet City. Of course I don't expect those bags to be in until late September (so I have a while to save up).

    Another colour I totally love is Blue Glacier (Periwinkle). I have the opportunity to buy that colour now! I can't believe my luck.

    The only trouble is, I can't afford the Blue Glacier AND the Violet City. One has to be put on the back-burner.

    I know I'll love the Blue Glacier (I'm naturally attracted to blues anyway), however I can't believe I am drooling over the Violet City which I haven't seen IRL before. Am I just getting caught up in all the Violet hype???

    Should I get the Blue Glacier now in brand new condition? Or wait for the Violet City?
  2. I voted Blue Glacier NOW. I have no ability to delay gratification. ;)
  3. KDC - i wuld go for blue gracier as at least u are very sure that this is wat u want as we all haven't really seen the new violet bbag and seriously, i myself also not sure if it turns out nice....however, you can always get the violet later and also allows u to save and probably get both which u even know......:smile:
  4. I agree with the other gals, Blue Glacier first. You know you will love it so get that one first.:tup:
  5. blue glacier work! I love it!
  6. I LOVE Blue Glacier, but I would say wait for the Violet to come out. Blue Glacier just hasn't been a very popular colour so far, and I doubt you'll have a hard time finding it down the line. But when Violet's gone, you know the demand will be huge.

    I don't kow - that is a really though call, but that's probably how I'd go.
  7. Well, all the BG's I've seen are very veiny! Not good veiny but '06 dry veiny so I say wait for the Violet City! But go with what you think you like best!
  8. okay, since I am also a member of the "instant gratification" group, then I would suggest for you to get the blue since it will be quite some time before the violet will be available. Since it will still be september, then maybe you have enough time to save and get both!
  9. i love blue glacier but i do think the leather tends to be kind of veiny. however if you do see one with great leather, go for it! i voted for violet because if you've been thinking about it, you should at least give it a chance! you should be able to find a blue glacier bag later on but in my opinion, it'll be harder to find the violet later..

    so, in short, wait for violet. good luck deciding!
  10. Thanks so much everyone. I knew I could ask you all! Perhaps if I wait, I can eventually have both! I agree with Pluiee about that Violet. I am leaning towards the Violet now. BG will be one of those colours like cornflower and will pop up every now and then after the collection colours come out :yes: YAY!
  11. good things come to those who wait.....

    good luck :smile: