My first bbag just arrived!! (pic)

  1. I've been eyeing bbags from afar for years now, but I wasn't serious about it until I posted on the main board about craving an emerald bag and a lovely forumite pointed me in the direction of the emerald city. I must admit I strayed for a few moments here or there after I got a load of vert gazon, but in the end I purchased the bag I originally fell for, the emerald city.

    It's beautiful. The color and the leather are perfect, both so rich. Every few minutes I just need another peek at it. Of my many bags, this is the first my fiance has ever agreed is beautiful.

    I bought it from realdealcollection, who was absolutely lovely. Corey was such a pleasure to buy from and talk to. She made me feel so comfortable with my choice. This is my first HE bag, so I definitely needed the support. She was right when she said that I would love it. I do. Plus, look at the little extra she included:
  2. WOW!!!! That is one beautiful bag!! C O N G R A T S :yahoo: Welcome to the addictive world of bbags - and that mini pod is soooo cute!!!! Meow:love:
  3. congrats! its a stunning color! and welcome to Bbag mania!
  4. Your bag is stunning! And I love the Cheshire charm. :biggrin: (I need a Cheshire Cat grin smiley!)

    I love Emerald - I'm carrying my City today!
  5. i love the color!
  6. I love it. the color is gorgeous!!
  7. :drool: Great first bbag! Congrats!
  8. It's truly fabulous, congrats on your first Bbag! Hope you enjoy her!
  9. That is so cool how much you love your new bag! It is beautiful. Yes, I fell in love the Bal city style, too, and now it's 8 city bags later! Your bag is gorgeous. And I have that same bag charm!
  10. What an eye-catching color! It will be perfect year round!
  11. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. Congrats girl! I love Emerald and your bag looks like a true jewel!
  13. Beautiful!!!
  14. WoWsers.. the color just PoPs! What beautiful Eyecandy..:tender:
  15. :nuts: stunning!!! Congrats!