My first Bbag is here :)

  1. Received this beauty today...totally in love with it..:love: Does that mean it is the beginning of an addiction?:graucho:
    Think I should share with you girls....:smile:
  2. Oh, my pics are huge.....:wtf: Anyone can help me to resize them???:shame:
  3. wow another red bbag !! I love it congrats looks amazing on you !! yummmy bag :smile:
  4. Your new bag is beautiful and looks great on you! Congrats!:yes:
  5. where did you get it from? I have that colour, it's lush!
  6. nevermind, double post

  7. Hi, rosie! I got it from a sweet UK seller on eBay...:smile: it's brand new with tag!:nuts: I just saw your thread, we have the twin bags yeeeeeeh:yahoo:
    Isn't it a beauty?:love:
  8. Beautiful bag!! Congrats!!! It looks great on you!!
  9. That is beautiful! Your pics look great and it is fabulous on you! congrats!!!!!!
  10. Lovely bag - and definitely NOT your last!!!:yahoo:
  11. Very very nice :yahoo: You two look gorgeous together, a match made in heaven!
  12. It's definitely going to become an addiction.

    What a gorgeous bag. It looks STUNNING on you.:yes:
  13. :drool: BEAUTIFUL.. WElcome to the Bbag addict club :p
  14. Wow, great first choice for a BBag! CONGRATS!!
  15. Congrats on your first bbag!:yahoo:
    Looks beautiful on you.