My first Bbag is here

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  1. I'm new to Balenciaga and I was looking for a bag for a while and in the end I decided on 05 chocolate first.

    I was pretty excited to get it and was surprised (in a good way) how small the first is IRL and also how soft the leather is!

    Here she is my first Bbag!
    As I 'm a newbie I still not completely sure what I'm doing with the mirror/tassels but I guess I will figure it out.
    bbag1.jpg bbag2.jpg
  2. Beautiful, and congrats on getting an 05 as your first BBag, lucky you!

    About the mirror, I keep it in the front pocket but without the tassel (I save the tassel for when I need a replacement for the zipper).
  3. Congrats on getting your first bbag! Now the addiction begins...:P
  4. Gorgeous - I am totally jealous. Congrats!
  5. Congrats - you have a gorgeous one to start!!
  6. It's gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy.
  7. Thanks for comments everyone!
    I am already planning which color I may like next;)

    I also have a spare tassel in a little bag, How well do the tassels on the bag last before they start to split, is there anything I can do to help prevent it?
    many thanks for any advice:smile:
  8. Nice first, aimtree!
    I've been using my anthra day on and off for a while and the tassels are still perfect... Wait for the Bal experts to chime in!
  9. The first is small, but so practical. There are so many times I'm just carrying too much stuff with me, and the first works as a clutch-type bag so nicely. And, well, it's just so classic.

    You'll want a City though, I know you will. Chocolate is a great color, because it can work as black if you need it too, so now you can think about a City in anthracite or marine or ????
  10. She's so pretty! You're lucky to have started your collection off with such awesome leather in a HG color! Congrats!
  11. Lovely Choice, Aim...:tup:
  12. First of all, that is a beautiful first, enjoy wearing her!

    The longevity of the tassels seems to depends on which way the wind is blowing, how fast the grass grows, is the sun behind a cloud? Some tassels like ones on my 04 Twiggys are still perfect, but I have had 06 spare tassels split *before* even being taken out of the little plastic bag - never used and split!?! There are ways to glue them back together again, just do a search in the Care and Maintenance forum.

    I wish you well,

  13. Lol, thanks for info
    I guess I'll just have to hope the wind,grass, sun is on my side then:smile:

  14. CONGRATS on your First bag in a GORGEOUS shade!!!
  15. Such a beautiful first BBag! Really HTF as well, congrats :tup: