My first bbag- I'm not sure...

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  1. So I need some help/opinions please...

    I got hooked on this thread and did lots of looking at bbags and decided the Part Time was for me. I walked in to BalNY on tues and walked out with a RH Automne. I have to say, I looked at and touched 8-10 different bags of all styles and colors and I wouldn't describe any (especially the one I got) as fluffy or smooshy or chewy or buttery or any of the other words I have seen to describe the leather.

    Did I have strange expectations or has the leather really changed as of late?

    I really like everything else about the bag but I'm not sure how I feel about the quality of the leather. Would a treatment help? What do you think?
  2. First of all, congrats and welcome to the bbag world!

    And I want to say my 09 charbon city at first had stiff leather but now he's broken in quite nicely and start to be smoother and siliky-like - look at my avatar! = D

    Although it might take a few time, but I'm sure you will enjoy the process of breaking in your new bbag!
  3. Phew! So glad to hear it- I guess it didn't occur to me there would be a break-in period. I do love everything about it- right size, shape & color. The ability to wear on the shoulder or cross body. And the STYLE!

    I'm soooo happy to see how yours looks- beauty:graucho:

    I guess I'll have to give progress reports as she breaks in. I'm not quite ready to start using her yet- I have a 'thing' about using new bags right away. Can't do it. I need to look at them in the closet for a while before breaking them out:confused1:

  4. lol, you're lovely... I always use all my new stuffs right away!

    The soon you start to use her, the soon she starts to get broken-in! Some bbag lovers have spent 2-3 years to make their bags look really TDF... I still have a long way to go, lol!
  5. I know what you mean. I went and felt all of the colors/bags that were in neiman's. The autumn and praline and black felt much drier and not as shiney as the other colors? And very stiff compared to my 08's? I can't say if other stores have a better variety.
  6. Congrats!! I thought my black SGH Day was dry when I first got her, but after moisturising with LMB and use, it has softened.

    Can you please post pics and modelling pics of your Automne Part Time, please!
  7. ooh you need to post pics of your bag.. love to see more pics of automne. you can always condition the bag with lmb or apple leather care as that can soften and condition the bag. With my new bags i let hang on the door know for a few days with the usual items i put in my bag just to break it slightly but you have to really use it to break it. hanging the bag only soften certain bits of the bag.
  8. Ok- here she is. Sorry about the crummy picture...


    I think the color will be very versatile. I would call it a classic tan. I have some Frye sandals in "Brown Sugar" that match it well.
  9. Can't see any pic?
  10. [​IMG][/IMG]oops- I think I did it wrong. One more try...
  11. Thanks for the link- I really thought I knew how to do it. I could see them:shrugs:
    mod pic.jpg
  12. Wow! I love it so much! It looks amazing on you. Is that colour in the pic true to life?
  13. Thanks! It is the right color on my screen. I always have reservations recommending color based on the web- monitors can vary so much, imo.

    I think it can actually work with grey and black like I have on in the pic- amazing. I never mix 'browns' with black or grey.
  14. I wear mostly black and grey too. And I'm looking for a brown RH PT. So it's definitely on my brown consideration list now. Love it!