My First BBag, help me decide which to get....

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  1. Hi ladies. This is my first post in this forum but i've been lurking for awhile. I'm getting my first BBag soon and I found these two that are beautiful but I don't know which is better. They are both pre-loved but which year had better leather? Thank you for looking!!

    1.) 2006 F/W Blue India City


    2.)2008 F/W Marine Blue Twiggy
    06_blue_india_city_602.jpg 08_marine_twiggy_599.jpg
  2. In each season there is a variety in the nature of the leather and different people like different qualities in the leather. A 2006 bag would be chevre (goat) while the 2008 bag would be agneau (lamb). Some people believe chevre is a superior leather but this is by no means unanimous. The City is a more popular bag style but there are a lot of Twiggy fans out there as well. They both hold about the same amount. I have not dealt with Corey but I gather she is very helpful. If there are particular characteristics you are looking for in the leather, i.e. thick or thin, veiny or not veiny, distressed or not distressed she can help you with your decision. If it was me....for the same money I would probably go with the marine Twiggy mostly because it is in better condition and would probably stay looking good because of its darker colour.
  3. I personally love BI and the city is one of my favorite styles so I'd go for it! Good luck :flowers:
  4. i like city but marine color - ill say twiggy
  5. I think it depends on your needs.

    I have both the city and twiggy. I prefer the city style and that it fits comfortably over my shoulder. I can use the city for work and also for casual outings. I use the twiggy more for running errands. I like to carry the handles over my shoulder although it's a snug fit as to me it looks a bit weird when carried by the strap.

    I don't know much about 2006 leather, but I had two marine cities (one with SGH) at one point and the leather on both are gorgeous.

    Style wise, I say the BI. Colour wise, I say the Marine. I'm not really helping am I?
  6. The problem is, I like both colors. The BI looks awesome but then so does the Marine. I also really like the Amethyst and magenta colors too. This is my first Bal and all the colors and conbinations of bags is a little ovewhelming. But I can't wait until I figure it out and order one. :tender: Thanks ladies!