My First BBag has arrived! Jaune Twiggy!

  1. I am in love :nuts: It's absolutely gorgeous. It actually came on Saturday, but it was sent to my parents and my mum got sick of waiting and went to the grocery store instead :cursing: Pics to follow later, I'm stuck at work until 3.

    I definitely need a Violet PT with GSH though! Oi. I havent seen a Balenciaga IRL since 05 or so, I forgot how much I liked them. :heart:
  2. Congratulations!! I am so glad that a fellow TPFer got that bag!! I don't think jaune is a color that would look very good on me, but I was soooo tempted by it!! Enjoy your beautiful, beautiful bag!!!
  3. It's a great color, I'm so happy to have snagged it! I had originally wanted a Twiggy in Violet but I think I prefer the larger bags with GH in Violet. But now I have to sit here alllllllll day before I can play with it :sad:
  4. CONGRATS!!! Cannot wait to see your pic!!! :woohoo:
  5. Oh:woohoo: ..CONGRATS NAWTH21!!!:drinkup: I love my jaune too,it's a bright color!!!
  6. It sounds lovely, I can't wait to see your pictures!
  7. I love this color and I'm so tempted to get one myself, I can't wait for you to get it and to see pics of yours! Congrats!!
  8. A forewarning, my camera is ancient so I highly doubt it will do her justice LOL I still have another 4 hrs before I can leave. boo! LOL
  9. Heeyyy alright picture time :wlae: now like I said, this is a 3.0 MP cam that was top of the line...5 years ago :nuts: So, the color is a little off. It looks like it has a greenish undertone, which it doesnt. Also, don't mind the PJ pants LOL I hate wearing jeans at home. Also included a cameo of my new LP Piper Speedy in sherry
  10. :okay:This is definitely one of my favorite colors!!Looks gorgeous on you!!congrats!!:woohoo:
  11. omg! i soo want a jaune too!!! hahaa congrats!
  12. omgosh, you're soo lucky! I'm still saving up for my first balenciaga!
    I really want an out there color like this one for my first. Congrats!
  13. TY all. Shes my first bbag and i couldnt be happier but now i need another one
  14. Congrats!!!! Love the Twiggy and your seller too!
  15. it's gorgeous!!! loving the yellow!!