My first bbag!!! first pale rose!!!

  1. this is my first balenciaga bag!!! I'm more a LV girl but I love this bag, the leather is so gorgeous...
    bbag rose pale.jpg bbag1.jpg bbag.jpg
  2. Congratulations, lilou, and welcome to Bbags!!!
  3. Congrats:yahoo: and welcome. :welcome:I love Pale Pink. It looks good on you.:tup:
  4. Congrats!. the color looks great, love the color
  5. Lovely color. Congrats!
  6. Great bag!!:tup: Congrats from a Bbag newbie to another!!:yahoo: Isn't the leather amazing!!:yes:
  7. thank you, I'm very happy to enter in the bbag world!!! and yes the leather is...there is no word for describe it!!!!
  8. [​IMG]
    Pale rose is such a pretty, feminine color! Yours looks in mint mint condition!!!
  9. Yes, it's new!!! I got it in balenciaga Paris!!!
  10. Congrats on your first bbag!!!! Watch out, they are super addictive, lol!!
  11. wow, that's a really beautiful bag, it looks so feminine in the first style. Enjoy!
  12. Love it!
  13. That pink is so pretty! Congrats!
  14. C O N G R A T S !! :yahoo:It looks lovely!!
  15. looks great on you. congrats!