My FIRST Bbag ever! Fittingly, it's a FIRST! *pics*

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  1. :yahoo: :love: :nuts:

    I am THRILLED! After lusting and lusting after this bag for so long and it being my HUGEST regret... regret no more!!! I now have the bag that got away! Many many thanks to a great friend and huge sweetheart.

    Background is I saw this bag in the store but I was trying to be good and save money/spend less so I walked away from it on a friday night. I spent the night tossing and turning and not being able to get it out of my head so I went back the next day on Saturday and it was gone!! :crybaby: I wasn't able to find it retail after that. :sad:

    So I'm SO HAPPY that after all this time it's finally made it's way to me! This is the bag that made me notice Balenciaga and that captured my heart from the first time I laid eyes on it and now I am as much in love with her as I was back then... even more now that I've learnt so much about bbags from you fine PFers!

    So without further delay... I introduce you to my original dream bbag - a Pewter First!


    Here she is with grumpy bear (flash):


    Here she is again with grumpy bear (no flash):

  2. Congrats :yahoo: i love your bag and your bear too.:P
  3. OMG jadecee!!! It's beautiful!! :drool: Congratulations!!!:yahoo:

    I LOVE Pewter - it's one of my dream bags too!! Where did you find it - especially in such pristine condition??!!
  4. Congratulations!!! That bag is gorgeous. I am thinking I might need a metalic first for going out. The list begins to grow again. sighhhhhhhhh
    This may be your first, but I will bet it won't be your last. ;)
  5. gorgeous! :drool: were you able to track the bag down?
  6. nanaz - thanks!

    redney / jem - I was super lucky and a friend decided to sell hers to me.

    powderpuff - I've been drooling over bbags since finding tPF and I can't wait to be able to pick up some more beauties! I LOVE your eggplant city - it looked amazing with your yellow dress!

    heehee.. how quickly and hard the bbag bug bites! I'll probably have another bbag arrive in around 2 weeks! :nuts:

    They're so hard to resist - there are other ones I'm eyeing but I have to let some more space and time come between them so that 1) I won't go broke and 2) I have time to love the bags I have!
  7. Congratulations! Such a happy-ending story and an amazing first First. :yahoo:
  8. That is gorgeous! Enjoy and congrats!
  9. I love your bag, it's absolutely gorgeous. Congrats and enjoy!!
  10. ahh thats my dream bag too, i love it. congrats!!!!!
  11. Aww I'm so glad you finally found your pewter first!!! Pewter is one of my favorite bbags too! :love: Such a special bag. Your's is TDF! :heart: Congrats!! :yahoo:
  12. Wonderful story on getting ya first Bbag, jadecee! It's beautiful!!

    Congrats, and welcome to the dark side! ;)
  13. it is beautiful! congrats!
  14. Oh, Jess, it's just stunning! :drool: What a wonderful way to lose your bbag virginity! :graucho: Pewter is definitely on my wish list. Congrats!

    I did the same thing - right after I got the first one, I had to have another. It was just....required! Hopefully you won't have to wait a whole two weeks...
  15. congrats on the pewter!!! shes a beauty!!!