My first bbag :D - Vert d'eau First!

  1. I'm soooo happy! Balenciaga really makes beautiful quality bags. I will wear her so much :smile: and the colour is so sophisticated and stands out so much from everyone else.

    Just got her this week from Felt like it was pretty $$$, but I can't get it anywhere else from where I live.

    Note, I adjusted the colours of the photos to be more true to life. Vert d'eau is a little more vivid green (and less blue) than I imagined from the photos that I've seen in the forums (verty's).
    vertfirst_rozzie1.jpg vertfirst_rozzie2.jpg
  2. great color - wow!
  3. congrats! it's beautiful!!
  4. :drool:

    The leather looks FANTASTIC!!! Is she really soft and silky!?

    You definitely got the color to be pretty accurate :yes: The pic of my Vert D'eau in my avatar is def. way too pale/light and all the other pics I have make her look too seafoam-ish, when in reality the bag really doesn't have a blue tint to her.
  5. yours is so vibrant! mine is definitely a lot more pale, but i love him all the same :O)
  6. The leather is sooo nice, getting softer already in two days; Now I know what you guys are talking about when you say how soft Balenciaga leather is! I really learned a lot and appreciate these forums, as they really helped with my decision.

    She's sitting on my desk here at work, and at least once an hour i stop to touch her! haha does anyone else do that?
  7. awesome color. congrats!!!
  8. Gorgeous bag! CONGRATS!
  9. it's stunning!!!
  10. I have a vert d'eau first too and your pics actually depict the color accurately. Congrats - I know you will enjoy her! :heart:
  11. That color. Wow. So pretty. Congrats!
  12. Yes, I pet mine all the time. People have caught me doing it and quite frankly it's embarassing.
  13. it's so pretty. congrats!
  14. Congrats:yahoo: this color looks the best in the First size.:tup:
  15. Congratulations on your very first Bbag! I love this colour in the First. Are you going to model her for us? :tup: