My first BBag..come say nice thing :)

  1. [​IMG]




    Finally my first bbag, i love it.:heart: I am thinking about buying the Blue India first tomorrow :nuts:
  2. Wonderful, congrats,

    I loooooooooove Rouge Vif. :yahoo:
  3. OMG. :shocked: Makes me want another Rouge VIF, possibly a City. Scrump!
  4. Beautiful 949! I'm glad you were able to make a decision between the colors!
  5. Wow, amazingly beautiful. Enjoy!
  6. lovely! congrats!
  7. Congratulations 949!!!!!:yahoo:

    Where did you find that GORGEOUS thing????

    I'm a 714 transplant......I want to come home, I miss OC. :crybaby:
  8. Beautiful!! Yummy red color. :love:
  9. I love your new bag! I also have the rouge vif and the color is just beautiful. Enjoy!
  10. HOT HOT HOT!!! Welcome to the ROUGE VIF club!!! LOVE IT! I hope you love using it as much as I LOVE using mine!!!! woop woop!!!
  11. :heart: Beautiful! Congrats on your first Bbag! Soon you will order one more ...and one more...and one more... before you know it.. your closet will be full of Bbags..just like me :yahoo: .


    my husband asks me " Sweetheart, how many feet and arms do you have..":greengrin:
  12. beautiful red and the leather....:drool: :drool:
  13. Rouge vif...ahhh TDF color!! Congrats!!
  14. Rouge Vif is definitely a popular colour and you picked a good one! The leather looks amazing!:yes:

  15. :yahoo: Congrats 949!!
    Beautiful bag!!! :nuts: