My first bbag came yesterday...A giant brown city w/silver

  1. So I succumbed....and am hooked. Y'all were not kidding how great these Balenciaga bags are to carry. And judging by how many are on this forum, there are legions of fans, :yahoo:

    So here it is, my first ever Balenciaga: The Brown City with the Giant Silver Hardware. Wore her, love, love! Lefthand=inside; righthand=outdoors.
    bbbagin.jpg bbbagout.jpg
  2. Is that Cafe or Mogano? Its gorgeous.... :smile:
  3. Gorgeous bag ! Congrats Jburgh on your first Bbag :biggrin:
  4. Aaahh.. a Mogano SGH City? One of the combo's I've been dwelling over. Enjoy her.. shes a beauty!!! Congrats~!
  5. Congrats on your first bbag. The leather looks yummy!!
  6. another gorgeous brown & sgh combo :love: congratulations!
  7. That is gorgeous!!! Great color for fall :smile: Congrats and welcome to the addiction LOL
  8. I think it is Mogano (cinnamon brown). It has an o-so-slight warmth to it. But honestly, the pics on the color reference library look the same to me for mogano and cafe. There is no color name on any of the tags. How can I tell? :confused1:
  9. Beautiful color combo! Great choice! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  10. You're ready for the Fall! Congrats she's gorgeous!
  11. Gorgeous combo, congrats on your new bag
  12. You definitely have mogano, because cafe is from an older season and this season is the first with silver giant hardware!

    :heart: Congrats on the new bag, it looks gorgeous :heart:
  13. [​IMG]

    WOW! Look at the leather! Stunning and deeeeeeeelish! Congrats, it's a beauty.
  14. Thanks. I am a newbie and learning! And thanks everyone for the compliments. This is one bag I really love. What should be my second one...the grass green on my wishlist??? :graucho:

    I saw the hobo at Barneys Seattle and it was a great feel on the shoulder.
  15. congrats on the new bbag. very nice combination......