my first bbag: black or white?

  1. i want to purchase my first bbag and i can't decide whether i want black or white? i think i want the city size but seeing sienna miller's has also put the idea of possibly the first in my head.

    so black or white?

    and city or first?

    do you feel that white is almost as versatile as black? or is it more of a summer thing?

    THANKS!! :smile:
  2. well, white is definitely ideal for summer. if it were an off-white, you'd probably have an easier time wearing it in more seasons.

    for a first b-bag though, i'd go black.
    the first is very cute imo but if you carry alot and are used to a bigger bag, the first may be too small and you would be better off with a city.
  3. I'll say get a black City. White gets dirty fast and it'll drive you crazy. Your 1st b-bag should be loved w/o much complications.
  4. black city.
  5. I vote for the black City as well.
  6. go for the black city~~
  7. Black City, baby!!! Yeah!
  8. girl, definitely black city. it's timeless and year-round.
  9. I echo what others have said. If you carry a small wallet, a cell phone, some gum and sunnies, then you could do a first, but if you have more than that, then go with the city. Definitely black. ETA Oh and look at the Twiggy, it holds way more than you think it would and it's a great bag : )

    I wish you well,

  10. I think a black City would be a great first Bbag.
  11. Black city is the perfect everyday bag!!
    Or maybe a black first if you don't carry a lot of stuff and you want a bag that you could wear to go out as well
  12. Definitely a black City, it's a classic and will work with everything!
  13. Black city!
  14. black city definetly...
  15. Go the classic way -> the black city..