My first bbag arrived today!!!

  1. This is my very first bbag and I loooove her so much!!!!
    She is a First in Grenat -- I couldn't quite capture the gorgeous colour -- she is not so red, not really brown, in certain light she is a really deep burgundy, with some plum...I'll have to try more pictures. Her leather is soooo soft and smushy already, I can't wait to see how she'll change with all the love she will get. Now I can totally appreciate the beauty of these bags!!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    IMG_0318.jpg IMG_0306.jpg IMG_0308.jpg IMG_0309.jpg
  2. Congratulations!...lovely color.
  3. congrats on your FIRST b-bag!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: i hope you'll have lots of fun with her!!! thanks so much for sharing pics with us!!! :flowers:
  4. Wouah that's beautiful!!!!!
    I want the same.
  5. Aww.. gorgeous, congrats ! :yes:
  6. I made my pics so small, sorry. Here's some larger ones.

    And thanks everyone, for sharing in my excitement!!!!
    IMG_0318.jpg IMG_0309.jpg IMG_0308.jpg
  7. Congrats! Pursendipity! She's gorgeous. :nuts: I want that color in the twiggy style:drool:. I bet you're already thinking of another bbag?!....they're addicting!
  8. That is one of the best Grenat colours I've seen yet. Gorgeous!!
  9. I love that color! Enjoy your "first" b-bag!
  10. Pursendipity! Firstly, LOVE your user ID! Secondly, double CONGRATS on your gorgeous grenat First - first Bbag, lol! And finally, what is that fabby pink leapard skin print purse you have in there?
  11. congrats!
  12. Congrats! Its a beauty!
  13. i love her. what a gorgeous grenat. great leather.
  14. Great bag, it is gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. Beautiful bag - the leather looks amazing. Congrats and enjoy!!
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