My first Bbag! '04 Marron Twiggy!!

  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Came in and I'm in LOOOOOOOVE. It's sooo soft and it just falls into a pile of smooshy goop. I love the color, it's so versatile and rich. I love that its been preloved too, I'm pretty rough on my bags I have to say, and I love how marron looks fabulous- even though it's a little beat up.

    However, it was used, and I'm not worry about anything else but the corners. The corners are showing some MAJOR piping, maybe about an inch on both bottom corners and a little bit less on the back upper corners. I've got some pics up too, so I can have you ladies judge it, should I sent it in to lovinmybags or artbags? Or should I just leave it? I'm also wondering the cost too. :confused1:

    Soo any feedback from you lovlies will be wonderful!


    ^ Haha, concentraition on my face.
  2. And here's the wear and tear on my twiggy...

    ^ excuse the bathroom stuff and toilet seemed to be the only place with good lighting in my house. :sweatdrop:

    And I apologize for the huge pictures..I can't seem to figure out how to resize. :shame:
  3. I love it! This is one of my covet bags! Congrats. looks so smooshy:love:
  4. It's a beauty !!! Congrats !
  6. Yay! Thank you! :smile::smile:

    What do you guys think about the piping though?

    Needs to be fixed or no?
  7. Oh congrats, it's beautiful! This is the bag that was $400? I figured it would be in pretty used condition for that price but it looks amazing!! It looks so good on you too. :yes: If you are comfortable with using it in that condition then I wouldn't send it off for restoring yet. Although you could email Barbara from Lovinmybags pics of your bag and ask what could be done and what it would cost. I haven't sent any bags there yet because I don't want to wait and be without them for that long. :crybaby: So I figure I will wait till I am ready to sell it before I send it for restoring...
  8. Haha! Me too...the only downside to sending it in is that I don't want to be without my baby.

    This is the bag! I was suprised at the condition too..except for the corners of course, but I think I will take your advice, Pewter. I keep on looking at the corners but I suppose if I'm ok with it then it should be alright. I'm just scared it will get worse and worse though. Anyone think it will?
  9. she is beautiful!!! So smooshy and yummy looking! You got a great deal, congrats!
  10. 0o0o0o it looks so soft!!!
  11. Congratulations -- what a great deal on a beautiful bag! I love that color. I probably would get it repaired to prevent further damage. I don't know exactly how much it would be, but the prices seem reasonable at lovinmybags.
  12. im in love with the twiggy. the color is awesome! enjoy your bag!
  13. What a pretty twiggy! :P
  14. Gorgeous!!!! The color, the leather, and I LOVE Twiggy. Great buy!!!:yahoo:
  15. Oh that bag is gorgeous!!! Congrats!

    I would probably send it in to have the corners repaired, good luck!