My first Bayswaters....

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  2. Dear Guest,
    If you've been around here for a while, you may know that @Vlad and I love a good April Fools' Day joke that we try to pull off yearly. Many times, our members forget and we get them, one time making everyone turn into Vlad, another year with a garishly awful new design, and another year no matter what button you pressed we alerted you that you requested your account terminated. It's always brought us such joy to have fun with you all, especially when we try to pull off a forum wide joke one day a year.

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  1. I am normally found in the Chanel Forum, but couldn't resist these Mulberry purchases!.... Anthracite Crumpled Metallic; Plum Loopy Leopard Patent; Loopy Leopard Wrap

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  2. Holy moly! Look at those Bayswaters..

    Congratulations nvc! That's quite the introductory post.. :faint:
  3. You've blown my socks off! What an entrance; pleased to meet you too! Beautiful. A great start to your Mulberry collection, congrats indeed! Two very cool bags. How about some model shots if you get a chance as would love to see them on you xxs
  4. I love the Anthracite Crumpled Metallic bays :drool:
    Maybe one of the most beautiful bays I have seen!!
    The plum loopy one is so colorful and lovely.
    Congrats :smile:
  5. just looked again and I love the loopy one. It looks a million times better than on the websites. Wow! xx
  6. That's quite a haul! Congratulations on your gorgeous new new additions! x
  7. wow i love them both! congrats!
  8. Wowza, beautiful Bayswaters and wrap! :nuts: Many congratulations!
  9. All are absolutely gorgeous, nvchampagne!! Thanks for sharing.

    I :heart: the anthracite :love:
  10. wow!!!!!!!!!!! not one but two beautiful bays. I especially like the crumpled metallic one.
  11. :flowers: Welcome to our side of tpf:smile:

    Those are fabolous Bayswaters...Stunning to say the least! Thanks for sharing!
  12. WOW, NVC! The best of the new bays!! That Loopy is tdf and so is the anthracite!!! Congrats and welcome to Mulberry!!!
  13. :welcome2: Glad to have you join the other mad house.:nuts:

    Beautiful bays, what an entrance with two stunning bags, well done.:graucho:
  14. They're gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. Wow, all of them are beautiful! Many congratulations to you and enjoy :biggrin:!