My first Bayswater! WOOOO HOOOO!

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  1. OMG girls, I'm so thrilled.
    I just won this:

    Fab colour, right? And I do love a patent leather.
    I was told on the authenticate this thread that the seller is trusted around here and to go for it!

    I did - put in a best offer of a bit more than 10 per cent less than the advertised price. And it was just accepted!!!


    The really interesting thing is the would-be buyer who put in a silly offer (GBP200) then put in a far better one (GBP350). Even though this is more than what I'm to pay (GBP332), she accepted my offer. Maybe it's because I put in a note advising her Bays would be cared for and adored as I'm a TPFer. The lesson here? Invoke the forum and your passion for bags and get a bargain! :biggrin:

    Even though the leather is appparently a bit faded, I'm not troubled one bit. In fact, it's sort of interesting, maybe a little like ombre.

    I can't wait to show you girls some modelling pics!
  2. Lovely Claire, and that colour will look beautiful on you - good for you hon! So pleased you got a zinging first bays, it is a beauty!!

    Great price too x
  3. Oh well done, honesty won the deal!! (Didn't you just bought Brooke as well?)
    Anyway it's beautiful colour, Congrats, hope this arrives you quickly too!!

    Lots of reveals you will have to do LOL :nuts:
  4. Congrats Claire , I have this bag , it's one of my favs .
  5. Thank you girls. I'm just like wheeee! Hurrah! Yay! But I've got to show some restraint - I'm at work at the moment.

    Yes, RatRat, I did just buy a Brooke /innocent expression. But, well, I had to have it. And I also have to have this Bays. It's a grail of mine; I've always wanted a brilliant Bays and I'm just not a NVT girl.

    Flossie, would you please post a pic of you and your purple Bays so I can see? Do you happen to know what year it was released? 2007?
  6. Congrats on your new Bays - gorgeous colour!
  7. What a superb colour to have as a first in any style but utterly stunning in a Bayswater. No wonder you couldn't resist!
  8. Well done ClaireL, I hope it fulfills your dream. Do come back and show us pics when she arrives.
  9. Too true Jenova (btw, your cat is the cutest thing). I've always lusted after Mulberry patent leathers and this colour is TDF. I just managed to find Flossie's modelling pic and I'll look like this :drool: until I get the Bays!
  10. Congratulations, its beautifull! I almost snapped my neck looking at a girl sporting it not long ago ;D
    I think it was 2007, I lusted after the grey patent one and I think they where in the same collection, I finally got my grey one last year and I just adore it, I use it all the time - I hope you will post pictures as soon as you get it :biggrin:
  11. It's lovely - the patent purple bays is stunning! I totally understand you couldn't let this one pass! Congrats! Look forward to modelling pics!!
  12. Sweet colour congrats lovely bayswater xxx
  13. Well done you! It is fantastic, I bet you can't wait!
  14. WOW!!!!:nuts:
    Great deal, the bag looks stunning, I bet you can't wait to really HAVE it :graucho:
    Well done!
  15. congrats!!! claire thats a lovely bag!