My First Balenciagas


Which bag should I get?

  1. Turq 08 work

  2. White 08 work

  3. Vert D'eau brief

  4. Anthracite brief

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  1. Hey, my 06 Truffle Oval and 07 Vert Foret GGH Money just arrived last week. :smile: I just want to say thank you to all who have helped me make my decisions and given me (great) advice. I am so in love with my oval. I took her out last Saturday and she has the most divine leather, smooth, thick and silky. I'm so glad that I got her. The Vert Foret money is also stunning. It's more lovely every time I see her. I also got a 07 white work from AR but it was so incredibly dry that I returned her.

    I was going to get a Cafe Brief but got screwed over by NM. Aiyayai! With these incidents coupled with the eBay major fiasco, which is STILL not resolved (apparently there's a family emergency now), I think that I'm just not fated to get a Balenciaga BAG. :shrugs:

    So anyway, I have a few options open to me right now. AR has a few Vert D'eau briefs that have nice, not dry leather. They also have anthracite briefs, but with dry leather, though not as dry as the white work. There's also lovely white ss08 works from BalNY and the last option is to wait for a turq 08 work. What do you guys think? I'm a little worried that Vert D'eau is not too versatile a colour... I love turquoise 05 and would be so happy if turq 08 is just like that but no one's seen one IRL yet so who knows? Should I get a bag now or should I wait till turq 08 is out? Votes?

    I did take a few photos of me and the white work while deciding if I should return it. I shall post attachments in a post since I have attached 5 pictures to this already.
    Bal Truffle Oval Resized 1.jpg Bal Truffle Oval Resized 2.jpg Bal Truffle Oval Resized 3.jpg Vert Foret Money Resized 1.jpg Vert Foret Money Resized 2.jpg
  2. congrats!!! those are awesome first bbags~
  3. Thanks :smile: Here are the modelling pics of the white work. Or actually a white city would be nice too, huh? LOL, indecision... [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  4. I personally LOOOVE the vert d'eau, but I've never seen it in a brief before. I think it's a very versatile color, it would add a little pizzazz to any outfit IMO :jrs: I am in the same boat as you are about the turq 08. I ADORE the EB but I really want to wait until the turq comes out so I can compare the two; but if I like the EB better, can I still be able to get it? Or will it be sold out?

    I think you should get both the turq 08 and another color, that way its a win-win situation :yes: haha I'm just saying that because I can't--I NEED MORE MONEY!

    Anyways, your oval and money are TDF good luck with the bags!
  5. I voted for the 08 Turq Work, but if Anthracite isn't too dark for you, that would be fabulous! (Just moisturize it a bit)
  6. The ovals has TDF leather & that Money is gorgeous!!!

    I have seen the gorgeous Vert Deau Brief posted here a few days ago & I think it is one helluva Gorgeous!!! If only I can work that colour, I would get it in a jiffy. Since you actually attempted a white work(indication you are Ok with light coloured bags), VD brief might be a good option for your first bag. Also I have heard that VD leather are super gorgeous & it is probably a good thing to get it NOW while you can.

    Second option would be to wait for Turquoise 08 which is soon. Or get BOTH if you can!

    Picture of Vert Deau brief here!
  7. congrats on the new toys! where did you get the Oval? i'd love one.

    sounds like you really want a white bbag AND the turqy. if i have ready funds, i'd get either white city or work from 08, and wait patiently for turqy to show up before deciding if i really want it.

    as for the verty brief, i do think it's a unique bag to own but i probably can't make the style and colour work for myself. if you have doubts, then you probably should rethink about it.
  8. Thanks, purplewithenvy. :smile: I almost got the vert d'eau city but I pack so much that the city probably would not be enough for me.
    Bagsforfun, I am DYING to see turq 08. Kim at BalNY placed me on the waiting list but I've heard that it's miles long. I think that many on that list are waiting to compare turq to EB though so I hope that I'll be able to get my hands on one. As for the moisturizing, when my Vert Foret money came, it was a little weird looking. The leather on the right was hanging a little loosely so I moisturised it a little and the shiny coat went away and a little colour came off. I was so scared that I left it alone and just sprayed appleguarde on it. It turned out to be ok but I would not moisturise a whole bag until it was like a few months old. I am NOT good at this moisturising stuff. LOL.
    Pinkboudoir, thanks for that pic. It is gorgeous. :smile: Vert D'eau has always had such lovely leather, which is another reason why I want it. The leather on bbags these past few seasons has not been so good, especially on the RHs. I cannot handle the GH on bags, I have come to realise, which means that I have to pray that the leather on the RH bags are really good. They have been gorgeous on the Sahara but not so on the magenta. BalNY actually has a Tomato brief but its really distressed, which is a no no for me. For light coloured bags though, I'm not too sure if the white work is too much on me. I could totally see myself using a white work 3/4 years down the road but as for right now... But white is such a great colour and I still dream of that white city that I saw in BalSing.
    Hey Glossie I got the oval from BalNY. I think that it's the last one though. Someone said that they saw a white one in Barneys NY so that may be the last one in a store. But you never know. I called someplace in search of a brief today and what do you know? I found a grey SHOPPING! The numbers were weird so I matched it up with the info on the dimensions thread. No wonder she was saying that it was a light grey and I was like, "But Bal hasn't made a grey since '06." Imagine that. But a shopping is not what I'm looking for so I'm just going to let it go...
  9. a grey Shopping! :nuts: thanks, Toriatan. it's probably not for me either but it's a classy style :yes: i'd wanted a Mid Afternoon but AR didn't have it any longer for a long time.
  10. I voted for Turq 08, I can't wait to see it!!:wlae:Did you already return the white? It doesn't look dry to me :shrugs:Got any close up shots?
  11. Hey Chinkee21, yes, I already returned the white. It doesn't look dry in the pics at all. And because of the flash, it looks winter white, which is exactly what I wanted. IRL though, it's more like ivory than white and when I run my fingers along the piping, white flakes come off. It's like my mom's fendi, which hasn't been used in over 10 years. When I pulled it out and covered it in leather cream, I went over it 4 times and it was still flaking. Of course the white isn't as bad but you know, there is a 10 year age gap between the two bags. Kim at BalNY said that the SS08 white works that they have are gorgeous, winter white, thick and smooth; not dry at all. :love: I tried to take closeup pics but as it's white, the flash kept bouncing off. Without the flash though, the pictures turn out entirely yellow. I have bad lighting in my college dorm; it's one of the older ones so I have dim lighting and dusty heater vents, which are triggering my allergies like no other. And I thought that my allergies in Singapore were bad... I had NO IDEA.

    Oh yes, and I think that the voting is going exactly according to what I really want. I'm dying for the turq work; it's just that I want a bag so badly right now and I can afford two bags so I'm just being bad. But of course, what I can afford and what I can use are two different things and I think that one bag is more than enough for right now since I lug my jansport backpack all over the place most of the time anyway. :smile:
  12. Love that oval! And while I'm not really a white bag kinda chick, it looks great on you!!! I voted for anthracite as I've recently become obsessed with it after seeing a GSH brief! It was HAWT!!!!
  13. Your Oval is amazing..looks SO good on you,and the Money is one of my all-time Fav accessories, the two colors together 'sing'..I am glad that you are waiting to see the '08Turq..
  14. Thanks BadgerGirl. I love white but Bal always does colours so beautifully and they do white every season. Then again, they aren't the same. SS 08 white looks to be nicer than SS 07 white so... Itchy fingers. :smile: And anthracite is GORGEOUS with the giant hardware, especially gold, though if I were to get a giant brief, it would be marine with GGH. Unfortunately the GH bags are heavy, from what I remember of toting a few GH bags around in BalSG.

    Hi quilter! Thanks for the compliment. I love the oval. She's so pretty and fits a lot of stuff as well. The Money is just wonderful. I was using an MJ wallet before but the notes kept getting stuck in the zipper if I wasn't careful about stuffing them into the wallet. With the Money, there's no such problem as it's a magnetic closure. There are more slots for cards too, which is much needed as I have cards for two different countries, Singapore and the US.

    I agree that the two colours "sing". It's like a foresty kind of song, very earthy kind of feel and though they aren't bright, in-your-face colours, they are growing on me. Though maybe that's why I want a turq 08; so I can have a bright, fun colour in my Balenciaga stash. :smile:

    Oh yes, did the wallet situation get resolved? I remember you posting something about that before.
  15. Oh gosh! That's bad!! WHITE FLAKES??! Then its good you returned her then! Hmmmm, I wonder what is up with the flakes.....anyway, so your 08 work is on its way ey?GOOD! :tup: you know, just the other day I passed by a second hand shop here where I live, they carry Bbags, and I saw a brand new white city and when I touched the leather, I did a double take!:nuts: It felt unbelievable in my hand!!!:drool: Good Luck with yours!!:flowers: