My first balenciaga!

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  1. Whiiiiiiiiiiii i'm so happy! After waiting for 6 years i finally have my
    First balenciaga and i'm sooooo in love with him!
    He's super soft and he weighs almost nothing ( certainly compared to my otter bag ( heavy studs allll over))

    It was totally worth waiting for! and i ordered à mini mini city to keep him company so cute :smile:


    Balenciaga velo
  2. Nice! Very beautiful bag! Funny though, all of my bags are girls!!!:biggrin:
  3. Love the bag. Congrats on your first balenciaga!
  4. beautiful!!!! love it!!
  5. Congrats - great classic!

    Love my Bal too - Welcome to the club :biggrin:
  6. Aw I'm so jealous of you. That bag is completely stunning! The leather, the tassels, oh my! What a gorgeous Bal. Enjoy!

    BTW, you should totally post this in the Balenciaga forum. I'm sure the Bal girls there would love to see it, too. Hopefully the mods will move your topic there to make it easier.
  7. ooh, that velo looks divine! Congrats!
  8. I love it too. And I just bought a classic city in black. LOL..
  9. I am so happy for you ! I just got my first balenciaga, in black as well. Totally worth it! Is super gorgeous :biggrin:
  10. Nice. Congratus !
  11. Congrats!! Enjoy!
  12. oh wow, we have a boy~!! Congrats!! he's handsome!!
    all of my bags are gals except mr. work :lol:
  13. Thanks girls! Yeah He's à boy because THE antracite makes him look à little bad boy :P
    Althoug bacause of THE color it looks likje he had glitters in THE sun so
    Maybe a Tiny bit gay lol xoxo thank you for all THE lovely comments, after à few
    Days by boyfriend doesn't get really excited anymore About me talking all the time
    About how gorgeous hè is haha
  14. Congrats!!! What a wonderful 1st Bal :smile:
  15. Damn That spell control on my iPad.. Since i live in belgium the spell control changes everything into dutch!
    Very annoying.. Hope you can still read my Posts lolz