My first Balenciaga!

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  1. It's here!!! My bubblegum city!!! Just came this morning and I just have to say that I LOVE the color and the softness of the leather!!! I just wanted to thank all of those who gave their opinion on my color decision dilemma. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! (can you tell I'm still hyper? :biggrin: )
  2. Congrats! Must post pics! Sounds amazing!
  3. must post many pics :biggrin:
  4. Yahoooo!! Enjoy. You will now be a B-bag atic!! Let us know your next bbag purchase. lol
  5. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing pics!
  6. Yay!!!!:lol: :lol: There's only one's hard to stop at just one:nuts: !!
  7. Definitely!! :lol: And congrats Jeannine!
  8. Thank you ladies! I have a feeling that this is the beginning of very many b-bags to come... (oh no... lol) Here is a picture! And while I was taking a picture of this I just pulled out a part of my collection to post up on the showcase room as a little celebration so go take a look of a part of my guilty pleasures :shame:

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  9. And now the addiction begins... Lol! Congrats!
  10. Oh she is gorgeous! I hope you just love it!!
  11. It's lovely! Congrats!!! I think the pink B-bags are absolutely adorable! I wish I could carry it off, but I'm not exactly a "pink" person. Wish I was though! :biggrin:
  12. Cute color! Lots of pink bags today. Balenciaga, Chanel, MJ, woohoo! :love:
  13. I agree with you about many more b bags to come, after my first bordeaux box. I just think balenciaga bags are the best. COngrats on such a lovely b bag. Pink is my fav color;)
  14. Thanks!!! I really do love this bag!!! I understand now what everyone meant by becoming "hooked" on them.
  15. Gorgeous colour, I'm quite filled with envy ! ;)