My First Balenciaga!!!!

  1. Hello fellow tPFers~!!!

    My addiction to designer bags began with Balenciaga (in high school) but I never got around to purchasing one...
    since I was still in high school and I didn't have a job.. and I didn't want to burden my parents with getting me a bag that cost more than a grand haha
    Thennnn I started to get into LV and Chanel and Prada which I now have lots of hehehe and I love dearly...
    but I came back to my first love lol:heart::heart::heart:

    My first purchase issssssssssss.... *drumroll*:nuts:

    the '07 Ivory Make-up Clutch!!!!!!:yahoo:
    chanel 002.jpg chanel 003.jpg
  2. The Ivory is such a gorgeous creamy shade!!! Congrats!
  3. ^ it is~!! i adoreeee the ivory! i'm glad it's not like stark white. i would be so scared of getting it dirty!! especially since it's a clutch...
  4. Absolutely beautiful choice! :nuts:
  5. Congrat!
    That looks so delicious! :drool:
  6. Ahhhh jealous! I want a MU soooo bad, and like pinkboudoir said its so creamy! TDF! Congrats!
  7. That looks delish!! Hope you enjoy your new MU!!!:flowers:
  8. It's gorgeous. :smile:
  9. I really love it!! And I definitely do not regret buying it~

    I actually bought it on eBay though. It was in Perfect condition with all the tags and the extra tassel. I bought it for $250, which I THINK is a pretty sweet deal lol
  10. $250 brand spankin new?!?!? :wtf:

  11. wow amazing price! its beautiful! congrats!!
  12. ^ I know!! I think I got really lucky!!!! :yahoo:
    It was on eBay for "best deal" or "buy it now"
    and I just put in $250 as my best deal thinking I was going to get rejected but I was like hey it won't hurt to try right? lol and I tried and WON!!!!
  13. i love ivory! sucha beautiful colour, looks good on a mu! congrats
  14. WOW! What a steal! Congratulations! It looks great!
  15. Thanks gals~~ I'm really loving her and... deciding when/how/what I should use it for hehehe :p