My first Balenciaga!

Jul 13, 2007
I am so happy finally I got my first Balenciaga bag (I already posted a pic yesterday in the "photos wearing your bbag thread" but I think my new bag deserves a thread on its own ^_~)
I bought it from a very nice forum-member, Specialk, and I have to say the bag is in perfect condition and very preloved.

It is a winter white twiggy 06 and the leather is sooo smooohsy and thick it's really tdf :heart:
I accidentally bought a fake black city a few month ago, I was SO dissapointed with the leather it was stiff and ugly :sad:
Now I finally can see what you guys here mean - its incredible, such a perfect leather and I just love the twiggy style.
It's also interesting how much the white varies depending on different lightning, sometimes it is nearly snowwhite, sometimes a very cool creamy white, sometimes it has grey undertones.
I kind of like that it's like a little chameleon-bag ;)

Anyways I am soooo happy and want to share my joy with you guys here cause I know you alle have this same love for these beautiful bags.

Oct 6, 2006
CONGRATS it lookss great on U.
And welcome at the PF and we hope to hear and see much more of U nice that modeling pic. We al adore that.
Hugs Fx:heart:
Jul 13, 2007
Thank you all for your sweet comments :smile:

@ Alaska: The bag charm is a little golden star pendant which I got as a bday-present recently =^.^= not sure if it stays on the twiggy, but for the moment I like the look ;)